Monday, December 21, 2015

Blake & Gwen Spotted in Nashville + Frankie Ballard Has Surgery Today

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were at the Burbank airport Saturday to fly to Nashville for the engagement party of his buddie RaeLynn. I think we know what Blake will get for Christmas as Gwen was spotted in a Hollywood western shop buying men’s cowboy boots and shirts. 

Brett Eldredge hopes for snow in his hometown of Paris, Illinois this week so he can make snow cream; with cool whip, vanilla extract and snow. 

Bachelor Sam Hunt’s perfect girl must be open-minded, honest and she has to have the ‘it’ factor. 

Chris Young’s family is all in Nashville so while his mom and sisters bake sugar cookies this week he and his dad will get out the chainsaw and cut up firewood. 

John Rich says for Christmas they watch football, eat his granny’s fried chicken and shoot guns. 

Finally - Frankie Ballard’s having surgery on his shoulder today to fix a torn ligament he got stage diving in Texas last February.