Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Pray for Joey Feek Thursday Night

Please pray for Joey from Joey and Rory. She has cancer, it has spread, after many surgeries and treatments she has decided to stop treatment. She has had enough. Her husband Rory is asking for you to pray Thursday, November 5th at 8pm CST. His beautiful words are below.

"For better or worse. I said those words to her at the alter on June 15, 2002. But today and each day since our wedding day has been my opportunity to show her that I mean those words. And I do mean them.
In most emails, comments and conversations, everyone asks the same question to us… “what can we do to help?” They sincerely want to do something. Anything.
There is something you can do…
You can pray. You can pray my wife’s prayer with us.
You can call it a prayer vigil, or a moment of silence, or what it actually is… a husband asking for help for the woman he loves.
But please, one thing I ask… don’t just pray that Joey is healed. Yes, pray for a miracle. But also pray for peace in her heart, and ours, if God chooses not to let this cup pass from her sweet lips. His will, not ours."