Friday, November 13, 2015

Miranda Lambert on Blake Dating + Kip Moore Meets Crazy on Dr. Phil Today

When Miranda Lambert found out Blake and Gwen were dating, her friend tells People magazine, out today, Miranda “felt a twinge of hurt” but has moved on. She’s "not concentrating on dating right now, but won't rule it out. Instead she’s focusing on new music, her animals, life in Nashville and family and friends.”

Sam Hunt says one reason he just shaved his beard off was after going home for his brother’s wedding, grandma let him know she didn’t like it at all.

Blake Shelton tweeted yesterday to let someone know they’re not welcome in his hometown writing, “I wish SO badly the paparazzi would come to Tishomingo. It would only happen once.”

Chris Young's, ‘I'm Comin' Over,’ is out today. The deluxe version’s at

Finally - on Dr. Phil today, a lady’s divorcing her husband because of Kip Moore. She’s only met Kip briefly a few times and sent him a 12-page letter professing her love and asking him to give her a chance. Kip’s wisely not on the show today but sent a video message instead.