Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Luke Bryan’s up for AMA Artist of the Year + Cole Swindell Signs Chicken Fingers

Luke Bryan’s up for Artist of the Year, all genres at November’s American Music Awards. He also recently played Mississippi State University and was criticized for not knowing how to ring a cowbell properly. They said he got noise out of it, but he didn’t produce maximum volume because of how he rang it. 

Tim McGraw premiered the video for ‘Damn Country Music’ yesterday on Facebook. It shows people wearing T-shirts with lyrics from the song and you can buy them now at his website. 

Cole Swindell’s seen some crazy things backstage in the autograph line including signing a fans supper of cold chicken fingers. Cole says the chicken made him have to get a new Sharpie. 

Carrie Underwood says her son Isaiah’s always smiley and even tho he’s teething right now, he only cries if he's hungry or tired. 

Finally - Maddie and Tae are on their first ever headlining tour and say, “the biggest lesson we’ve learned so far is you’ve got to accept change. The faster you accept that, the stronger you’ll be."