Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Carrie Underwood's Feet Bleed + Kenny Chesney’s Toes Are in the Sand in the Virgin Islands

Miranda Lambert’s sending social media teasers out about her upcoming single and they include the hashtag #MusicIsMedicine.According to Entertainment Tonight,  the new song will give fans a glimpse of what really caused her split with Blake.

In the video for her new single ‘Smoke Break,’ the boots Carrie Underwood wears are vintage and a size 6 but she’s a 7 so Carrie was in such pain her feet were bleeding and had to be put in buckets of ice during the 2-day shoot. Tonight E! News will have exclusive behind the scenes video footage. 

Kenny Chesney’s at his place in the Virgin Islands right now after closing out his tour last weekend. He says, “my feet in the sand with waves crashing over my ankles feels really good.” 

While on tour with Dierks Bentley this summer, Maddie & Tae brought their blow-up kiddie pool. Every morning their tour manager fills it up and they often lay in it for hours. 

Finally – the Glen Campbell documentary, ‘I'll Be Me’ is out today on DVD with special guests that include Blake Shelton, Keith Urban and Brad Paisley.