Thursday, September 24, 2015

Blake Shelton's on Divorce Diet + Idol May Not End After All


Blake Shelton says his recent weight loss is due to his “divorce diet;” and stress. As for the divorce, Blake said “in Oklahoma, with no kids and a pre-nup, it was over in like 10 days.” He says he and Miranda have remained “buddies” & a friend says Blake’s “open to a future relationship but right now he’s taking time for himself.” 

A rep for Gwen Stefani has finally came forward to say rumors she’s having a romance with Blake are “completely untrue.” 

Yesterday that big game of Twister before Thomas Rhett’s concert lasted for over an hour and they did break the Guinness Record for largest game of Twister. 

American Idol may not end next season after all. Keith Urban says, “there’s so much love out there for Idol, it may continue on in some form, somewhere else.” 

Finally - I just saw Little Big Town and they autograph stuff their entire show and never miss a word but what’s really impressive; Kimberly and Karen are in their mid-40’s and even wearing 6” stilettos they can squat down to sign something then pop right back up without using their hands.