Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Kelsea Ballerini Has Housewarming Party + Jake Owen's on The Ellen Show Today

Kelsea Ballerini just moved into a new apartment in Nashville and her housewarming party included Hillary from Lady A. The handful of girls must have been hungry tho - they ate 9 pizzas from Kelsea’s favorite; Soulshine Pizza. 

Maddie and Tae are opening for Dierks Bentley right now and they’ve become best friends with his 4 and 6-year old daughters. Dierks says it’s nice to have built-in baby-sitters on tour! 

When he’s having a bad day, Frankie Ballard drinks a lot more coffee than normal. He says the more caffeine he has, the more stuff he gets done. Frankie’s favorite president was Theodore Roosevelt who drank 10 pots a day. 

Brett Eldredge ‏tweets, “I still wanna be a super hero with a cape made from fruit roll ups.” 

Finally - Jake Owen sings ‘Real Life’ on The Ellen Show today then tonight, Kelsea Ballerini performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Garth Has Lost New Music + Chris Young Packs Like a Dude


All the new music Garth’s been working on for the last six months is gone cause it was on his phone and his phone’s fried. He says, “here’s where the old guy gets into technology and it’s bad.” Also, he and Trisha’s Christmas duets album won’t be done in time for this year now. 

Chris Young says anyone who’s ever seen him pack a suitcase shakes their head cause he just throws everything in and he usually has to sit on it to zip it up. Chris says, “I pack like a dude and can iron when I get there.” 

Last weekend Keith Urban played on a street corner in Denver. He was in town for Idol auditions so I’m not sure if it was for the show or if he was just doing it for fun. His guitar case was open for tips but there was no money inside and no one was listening to him either. 

Carrie Underwood says having a baby has made her a happier person. She says, “I just feel like I'm in a better mood most of the time, unless I'm really sleepy." 

Finally - tomorrow Thomas Rhett will perform on Good Morning America.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Miranda Lambert Learns Something Life-Changing + Sad News For Eddie Montgomery


Miranda Lambert learned something new last night at catering when she saw Rice Krispie treats made with Fruit Loops and wrote, “why didn't anyone tell me you could use other cereal’s. This changes everything.” 

The first time he heard himself on the radio, Thomas Rhett was driving from LA to Vegas. He took a video of that moment and says he sometimes watches it to remind him of what it felt like. 

Chris Janson’s debut album, ‘Buy Me A Boat,’ is out Oct 30. It includes a duet with Tim McGraw. 

As for how many guitars he owns Brad Paisley says probably close to 100 and his favorite’s an electric 1968 telecaster with a paisley print. 

Hunter Montgomery, the son of Eddie from Montgomery Gentry died Sunday in a Kentucky hospital. The 19-year-old had been on life support. 

Finally – today, Reba will guest host The Talk on CBS.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Thomas Rhett’s ‘Tangled Up’ is Out + Garth Eats Everything With a Spoon


Thomas Rhett’s ‘Tangled Up,’ is out today with 13-tracks and duets with pop star Jordin Sparks and hip hop’s Lunch Money Lewis. At 1 AM this morning, Thomas was at Wal-Mart buying several copies of his new album. He says Luke Bryan gave him lots of good advice while he was making this record. 

Also in stores today; George Strait’s 13-tune ‘Cold Beer Conversation,’ but it’s only at Walmart and iTunes and then Jennifer Nettles is on Kenny Rogers ‘Once Again It's Christmas.’ 

Just when I thought Garth using Dr. Pepper on his FruitLoops was weird, Trisha says he eats absolutely everything with a spoon only. 

Dustin Lynch told me he went head to head with a Black Angus cow growing up. He was pushing a gate closed and for some reason the cow didn’t like that so it knocked Dustin down pretty hard! 

Finally - Frankie Ballard’s favorite way to unwind is going to movies all by himself and eating lots of popcorn with that fake butter oil.