Friday, August 7, 2015

Luke Bryan’s ‘Kill the Lights,’ Out Today + Carrie Underwood Finds Her Inner Child

Luke Bryan’s ‘Kill the Lights,’ is out today. He co-wrote six of the tunes and one features Karen from Little Big Town. If you want the deluxe version tho it’s only at Target and it has three more tracks on it. To decide what songs to put on this new album, Luke went to his trusted advisers, Bo and Tate, his young sons. Luke knew when he recorded ‘Kick the Dust Up,’ it was a hit because they wanted to hear it over and over again. 

Jake Owen loves to boat and says he can’t wait to teach his young daughter Pearl how to drive so she can be the one to pull him wakeboarding.  

Carrie Underwood Tweets, “feeling like I'm 6 again...sitting on the floor, eating peanut butter from the jar watching ‪Little Monsters.”

Finally – on his personal and quirky style, Sam Hunt says, “It’s not a rebellious thing, it’s just liberating to wear clothes outside the boundaries of what I’m supposed to wear.”