Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Luke Bryan's Album Includes LBT's Karen + Keith Urban Tangles With a Mechinical Bull

Luke Bryan’s ‘Kill the Lights,’ is out August 7. He co-wrote six of the 13 tunes. Karen from Little Big Town is on a song & the deluxe version with 3 additional tracks will only be at Target. 

When Jake Owen first moved to Nashville he opened a bank account on Music Row so if a teller asked why he was there, he’d say to be a singer, in hopes they’d know someone that could help. It worked and a teller gave his music to an industry friend and the rest is history. I found out she’s still his banker today.  

Keith Urban was in Australia last week co-hosting a morning TV show when he decided to get on a mechanical bull. But even going really slow he slipped off pretty quick. 

Finally - Jake Owen’s pre-show ritual is kissing his daughter Pearl and saying he’s going to work.