Thursday, June 4, 2015

Keith Urban's Leaving Nashville + Kip Moore's Comeback Kid Skatepark Breaks Ground

Tim McGraw still keeps in shape by doing CrossFit and avoiding carbs. He eats a lot of canned tuna, chicken and sometimes oatmeal and he tries to avoid what he calls ‘The Three B’s,’ Bread, Butter and Beef.’ Tim says it’s tough tho cause he absolutely loves bread and butter.

Keith Urban and family are leaving Nashville for London as Nicole’s in a play there this summer. With concerts and Idol auditions Keith tho says he’ll be visiting the US a lot.

Kip Moore broke ground yesterday on The Comeback Kid Skatepark in a financially poor area of Nashville. It’s been his dream to do this for a while now and Kip hopes the park will provide a safe place for kids. It opens in August with parks in three other US cities to follow.

Easton Corbin told me the most important thing he’s learned about women is they’re unpredictable. He says, “I can’t figure them out and anyone that says they can is lying.”

Finally - as for the constant rumors he and Faith are splitting up Tim McGraw says, “it’s nothing to us, just noise.”