Friday, June 19, 2015

Blake Shelton Rescues a Guy Stranded in a Flash Flood + Zac Brown’s Son is Huge

Blake Shelton was on his way to the airport Wednesday night in Ardmore, Oklahoma when he saw a guy stranded on the side of the road stuck in a flash flood. Blake pulled him out of the high water then dropped him off at home.  

Miranda Lambert’s been working 13 years to hone her craft and says with interviews anymore she’s just not interested in talking about how many pounds she’s lost.  

Zac Brown’s son Alexander’s huge and at 1-year-old he weighs more than his 4-year-old sister. Zac calls him the little, squishy giant.  

Shania’s on the road right now and I hear she’s in such good shape, thru her 19-song show she barely breaks a sweat. The concert also includes a lot of pyrotechnics and multi-colored lasers.  

Father’s Day is a celebration for Keith Urban who admits he's learned a lot living in a house full of girls.  

We heard yesterday the 2017 CCMA Awards are in Saskatoon. This year's show’s in Halifax September 13 on CBC.  

Finally - Jake Owen tweets, “if you wanna make a difference, love your neighbor. Give a hug. Smile at someone. Try it. It works.”