Thursday, May 28, 2015

Jason Aldean's an Infomercial Junkie + Tim McGraw’s on The Talk Today

Since Brad Paisley and his dad Doug are getting calls for tickets to the Stones Nashville show that Brad opens, I called Doug and he told me he was at their home in West Virginia Saturday when someone from Illinois called at midnight asking to speak to “Brad's dad.” Doug played dumb and said they had the wrong number. They replied, "we know it’s you. Is there any way we can get tickets? Of course we want to pay for them.”

Tyler Farr says Blake Shelton also wanted to record ‘A Guy Walks Into A Bar’ and he’d put it on hold the same time Tyler did. For some reason Tyler got it and Blake joked that he’s a song stealer but after he heard his recording he admitted it got to the right person. Tyler said because of that song, they’ve become pretty good friends.

Jason Aldean told me he buys things off infomercials all the time like the Pedi Paw to cut his dogs’ nails, the Magic Bullet blender & the Slim Clip money clip he uses instead of a wallet.

Finally - Tim McGraw’s on The Talk today chatting about his new movie, ‘Tomorrowland.’