Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tim McGraw's Dating Rules + Miranda Lambert's Now a Trailer Collector

Downtown Nashville’s getting a new outdoor amphitheater and Eric Church will play the first concert there July 30. It’ll be an acoustic show and tickets go on sale today through Ticketmaster.

When it comes to his daughters dating, Tim McGraw has a few rules; they have to come to the house and meet him and have a little private talk outside. They have to meet Faith as well and Tim’s final rule is “no honking.” 

Miranda Lambert recently got a vintage Shasta trailer to add to her collection of 3 vintage Airstreams. She says becoming a trailer collector happened by accident but they all have a purpose; 2 are rolling bars and 2 are for camping. Due to being in a tour bus so much of the time Miranda there’s nothing more freeing than hitching up a trailer by herself & heading off to camp.

Finally - Florida Georgia Line just opened their own publishing company, Tree Vibez Music.  The name was inspired by Brian’s tree house recording studio and the guys say they’ll be signing songwriters and music creators from all genres.  I’m so glad they’re ‘branching out!’