Thursday, April 16, 2015

LBT & Toby Keith Play Fundraiser Tonight + Easton Corbin’s Album is Out June 30

As a child, Keith Urban was a talent show contestant and the main judge told him something he still can’t shake after all these years. He said, "get out of country & western and into some real music and kindly learn to sing in tune.”

Cole Swindell spent 3-years selling T-shirts for Luke Bryan at his concerts and since he’s a marketing major, Cole remembered what fans liked and that helped him design the shirts he sells. I didn’t know this but Cole says merchandise sales gets split up between the band and crew.

Easton Corbin’s next album, ‘About to Get Real’ is out June 30. Last time we chatted I asked if he were to be in the circus, what would he do? He said, “being fired out of a cannon would be cool but I wouldn’t get in it, I’d make some other guy do that!”

Little Big Town and Toby Keith play Matthew McConaughey's charity fundraiser in Austin, TX tonight.

Finally - Darius Rucker cooks and talks on The Chew today.