Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Kenny Chesney Has Radio Special Today + Jason Aldean's 2015 Calendars Are Almost Gone

Kenny Chesney’s two-hour special today to preview his new tour is at noon ET on and it will also repeat tonight.

Fair seasons soon here and Darius Rucker’s one guy looking forward to not only playing shows, but eating fair food and going on rides. He says, “I’ll eat anything fried, even butter and Oreos.

Jason Aldean says his 2015 calendars are on sale now for $7.50 but they're almost gone so if you want one, head to 

Eric Church told me he only ever uses hotel soap and shampoo and says, “why buy it when you can get it for free.”

Finally - the best sandwich Lee Brice ever had was a burger in Minneapolis called the Juicy Lucy. It’s a big chunk of cheese between 2 beef patties and you have to wait five minutes before you eat it or you will burn your mouth.