Friday, February 27, 2015

Keith Urban Has Surprise Show in Nashville + Shania's TV Special Airs Saturday Night

Keith Urban flew from the live American Idol show in Hollywood last night to Nashville for a surprise midnight acoustic concert at the Ryman. He started to play his hit, ‘Long Hot Summer’ but he must have been tired from the flight cause he realized he was really playing the intro to 80s hit, ‘Jessie’s Girl.’ At the end of his set he called Eric Church onstage to sing with him and I hear the night also included free White Castle burger sliders.

Miranda Lambert’s from Texas but when she married Blake Shelton she moved to his home state of Oklahoma and says, “Oklahoma’s welcomed me and we love living there but I’ll always be proud of being a Texan.”

Thomas Rhett’s not only a huge Bee Gee’s fan; he also admits to loving the movie ‘Grease.’

Kimberly from Little Big Town hopes they can do Sesame Street one day cause they’re kids would love it and if they do, Kimberly says they’ll turn ‘Tornado’ into ‘Tomato.’

Finally - Shania: Still the One Live from Vegas, airs Saturday night on ABC.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Garth Plays Invitation-Only Show + Jason Aldean's Interesting Way to Unwind

Garth played an invitation-only show for 700 at Nashville's Marathon Music Works last night for Country Radio Seminar. His full band and cameras were there and I hear we may see it on film sometime in the future.

Speaking of Garth, after a 5-month legal battle to keep secret the financial details of his tour launch last year at Chicago’s Allstate Arena, we now know they paid him 1.5 million up front, he got $100,000 per sold-out show and a prorated sum for the ones that didn’t sell out. The arena also greatly slashed their rental fee in hopes to entice him to kick the tour off there.

Randy Houser moved to Nashville in 1992 without no game plan then his car broke down and soon after he couldn’t pay his rent and was close to getting thrown out of his small duplex till a friend helped him. This year Randy will join Luke Bryan’s Kick Up the Dust tour that opens May 8.

Finally - at home Jason Aldean unwinds by watching TV and his favorite shows are not the typical unwinding type; Sons of Anarchy, Criminal Minds and Entourage.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Zac Brown Band Debut on SNL + Little Big Town Play Fundraiser in Texas

Little Big Town and Toby Keith will play Matthew McConaughey's annual fundraiser in Austin, Texas on April 16 for their Gala Night. Proceeds go to kid's charities across the US.

Zac Brown Band are the musical guest on Saturday Night Live Mar 7; their 1st time on the show.

As for his take on marriage, Tim McGraw says, “there will be ups and downs and you won’t always see eye to eye; you may even not like each other sometimes, you just have to know you're in it for the long haul and you're committed. Look at the big picture and enjoy life."

Speaking of Tim, Brantley Gilbert will never forget touring with him last year and says, “how Tim conducts himself on the road with the people that work for him and with him is amazing.”

Even tho Jason Aldean rocks out hard on stage he says fans may not know at home, he’s pretty laid-back.

Finally – Sam Hunt performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight.