Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Taylor Swift Wins Against Stalker

Taylor Swift Wins Against Stalker   
Yesterday Taylor Swift was given a semi-permanent restraining order against stalker Timothy Sweet when a judge ordered him 100 yards away from her and her parents the next 3-years; that’s the distance of the goals on a football field. What’s sad is the 3-year restraining order’s all the law can do because he’s not been charged with any crimes even tho he’s shown up at both her home in Beverly Hills and Nashville

Miranda Lambert in People Country Friday
Miranda Lambert’s in the new People Country out Friday. She says she’s more settled now then she’s ever been and she’ll reveal more on her life with Blake in Friday’s issue.

Carrie Underwood Gets Beat by Miss Swift 
VH1 took a poll of who has the best legs in the music biz and #1 was Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood was #10. I can’t believe Tina Turner & Miley Cyrus actually beat Carrie.

Brad Paisley's Down to Two Horses Now
Brad Paisley’s down to two horses because he just had to get rid of Arrow due to how mean and unpredictable he was. Brad said no one wanted to ride him and while he wasn’t afraid of Arrow, he didn’t trust him with two young kids at home.

Kenny Chesney Turns 46 Today
Finally – happy 46th birthday to Kenny Chesney who admits he’s been biting his fingernails since childhood and he says he’s tried everything but hypnosis to stop.

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