Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Trick Pony is Back Together Again

Luke Bryan is Puppy Housebreaking
Luke Bryan got a puppy a month ago and he says potty training on a bus has been an ordeal but even with all his barking and chewing up shoes, Luke says it’s still worth having a bus dog.

Trick Pony is Back Together Again
They broke up seven years ago and now Trick Pony’s back together - Heidi Newfield, Keith Burns and Ira Dean. They’ll have a record out this year and tour. Back in 08, Ira sued McDonald's for unauthorized use of his image on their Big & Tasty Burger box. It’s a guy playing a stand up bass Ira thought looked like him. McDonald’s ignored his cease and desist order and would not stop using the burger boxes so they had a jury trial and I hear Ira did get some kind of settlement.

Kimberly Perry Will Marry This Summer
Kimberly Perry will marry Texas Ranger JP Arencibia this year when they can fit it into their schedules. Kimberly says, “it’ll be a short window but that’s how we are in The Band Perry.”

Taylor Swift Has Fan in Olympic Skier
Winter Olympian Nick Goepper’s a freestyle skier who tweeted about recently meeting Taylor Swift. They hung out at the Golden Globes but as far as I know, he’s not her latest boyfriend.

Martina McBride Loves Her Angry Burger
Finally - Martina McBride was spotted at Nashville’s M.L. Rose Craft Brew & Burgers eating an Angry Dragon burger – that’s beef, avocado, fried egg and siracha hot sauce.

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