Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Doctors Saved Chris Young’s Life

Doctors Saved Chris Young’s Life
We now know more about Chris Young’s mysterious illness. A small cut on his leg picked up a bacterial infection and that turned into septic shock so he was rushed to the hospital and had emergency surgery to remove the infection. Doctors basically saved his life!

Florida Georgia Line Want More Rappers
Florida Georgia Line’s remix of ‘Cruise’ with Nelly was the 3rd highest selling country single in history so Brian and Tyler say they’re now open to singing with other rap artists and Lil Wayne’s on their wish list.

Luke Bryan on His Special Baseball Cap 
Luke Bryan wears a baseball cap because a few years ago Adam LaRoche who plays for the Washington Nationals, gave him a ball cap and Luke says when he wore it good things started happening.

Miranda Lambert Wedding Planner 
Pistol Annie Ashley Monroe will be married soon to White Sox pitcher John Danks. Bandmate Miranda Lambert’s been handling some details, including making the reception centerpieces.

Lady A’s Dave Haywood Has New Baby 
Lady A’s Dave Haywood has the pitter patter of new feet in his home as he and his wife just got Dolly, an eight week old Goldendoodle.

Trisha Yearwood Up Early Tomorrow 
Finally –Trisha Yearwood will be on ‘CBS This Morning’ tomorrow.

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