Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Taylor Swift Kept Away From X-Harry Styles
The Brit Awards are tonight in London and my insiders say organizers have had the difficult challenge to keep Taylor Swift and her X-Harry Styles apart because no one wants anything awkward to happen. They had their rehearsal times changed yesterday so they wouldn’t run into each other and they have Harry’s dressing room in a place that would be hard for Taylor to find.

Pre-Order Blake Shelton’s Upcoming Record
You can now pre-order Blake Shelton’s upcoming album, ‘Based On A True Story,’ but it’s only at Speaking of Blake, early on his advisors said what he was writing on Twitter would destroy his career. Blake says, “you’re not contributing anything if you’re afraid all the time that you’re going to offend someone.” 

Lady Antebellum’s 'Golden' Out May 7
We’re just hearing Lady Antebellum’s upcoming record is called, ‘Golden’ and it’s out May 7.

Jake Owen's Dad Starts Cancer Treatment Today
Jake Owen's father Steve starts radiation for throat cancer today at the Mayo Clinic. To keep his spirits high, Jake got him a little dog that doesn't shed to keep him company.

Martina Makes a Delicious Orange Chicken
Finally – Martina just made a great recipe she got from Pinterest; Chinese Orange Chicken and I have it here, just look at my previous post.

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