Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Kane Brown files a counter lawsuit & Carrie Underwood says bouncing back after having Jacob has been hard

Luke Bryan has finally revealed his crazy fashion secret; he winds duct tape with the sticky side out tightly around his leather cowboy boots then puts his pant leg over them. Luke says it keeps his jeans from flaring out or creeping up.

Carrie Underwood says bouncing back after having Jacob January 21 has been hard. She can’t run as fast or as far nor lift as much weight as she could a year ago. Carrie’s trying to appreciate what her body can do, not what it can’t. The Fisher’s also added a new family member, a black and white horse named Bojangles. I guess Mike’s wanted one ever since he was a kid.  

Kane Brown’s filed a counter lawsuit against the producer who sued him for breach of contract. Kane says he was fraudulently induced into signing a lopsided recording agreement that cost him millions and drastically limited his earning potential. Kane wants a dismissal of the lawsuit and he wants to be reimbursed for all proceeds and revenue since 2015.  

Finally - Jake Owen met his girlfriend when she was working at Nashville’s Restoration Hardware. He liked her beauty and confidence but it took him a few weeks to finally ask her out. Their daughter Paris is due soon.

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Brett Young needs video extras & Brooks and Dunn are entering the Country Music Hall of Fame

Brett Young went to college at Ole Miss and he’s returning to film a video for his current single, ‘Catch.’ They’ll shoot tomorrow and Thursday and if you can be an extra, send a note to:

On Jake Owen’s upcoming album, there’s a duet with Kid Rock, ‘Grass is Always Greener’ and the idea came to Jake while the guys were playing pickle ball together. The only thing Jake covets of Kid’s is his real Dukes of Hazzard car the General Lee and wanting that was what gave Jake the idea for the song. Kid’s is one of 301 General Lee’s used on the show. It was a Dodge Charger.

Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn will be entering the Country Music Hall of Fame. They never wanted to be a duo tho and said separate buses is what kept them together. Their record, ‘Reboot’ is out April 5 and pairs their greatest hits with Luke Combs, Kane Brown, Thomas Rhett and more. Their Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit opens August 9 in Nashville.

Finally - Maren Morris is on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen tonight on Bravo and Tim McGraw will headline a free concert in Nashville April 26 for the NFL Draft.