Thursday, August 6, 2020

Luke Bryan performs on the Today Show & who's Luke Combs celebrity crush

Luke Bryan will perform on the Today Show tomorrow morning. During quarantine, Luke planted 5-acres of sweet corn. When he told his dad he wanted to do that he said, “son, you're an idiot. You won't even know what to do with that much sweet corn.'" Luke bought a tractor, tiller, planter and a plow. So far he’s sold $1,100 worth of corn putting him about $30,000 in the hole today.

Garth says he and Trisha have used quarantine to quote, "face everything.” He says they’re both alphas who like to be the leader so quarantine has been the most they’ve ever gone through as a couple. Garth says "it's probably that way with a lot of families, the matriarch is gonna follow the rules and make sure the silly boys kind of keep in line."

When Dan + Shay recorded their new single, ‘I Should Probably Go To Bed’ Shay hit a note so high, he shattered a glass window in the studio.

Finally - Luke Combs high school celebrity crush is Friends actress Jennifer Aniston.

Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Thomas Rhett hooks himself & Tim McGraw cries at TV commercials

Thomas Rhett was fly fishing yesterday and accidentally hooked himself in the back of the leg. He had to push it out the other side, cut the barb off then pull it back through.

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike went fly fishing last weekend and Carrie caught a bigger rainbow trout than he did. He joked that he didn’t like that she catches bigger fish. I also hear Carrie has a new trainer, Mike. He’ll also work out with subscribers on her Fit52 app.

Tim McGraw's 53 and says he’s getting more and more emotional about everything. He thinks quarantine has also sped up that process. Tim reveals he now cries at TV commercials and calls it “ridiculous."

Finally - Luke Bryan’s boys Bo and Tate have no interest in music. They’re more into sports, hunting and fishing. Luke’s going to ask their school if he can take them on a Shark Research Boat. Luke says that would let them learn something off the wall that they’d never normally have the opportunity to do.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Kane Brown gets lost in the woods & Luke Bryan performs live Friday

The day Kane Brown and his wife moved into their new home, he and a friend got lost for 7-hours on Kane’s wooded 30 acres. They took ATV’s out on a trail they made then it started raining plus it was getting dark. They ended up running out of gas and got stuck on a cliff with a big drop-off. They had to call the police to help them find their way back.

Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline constantly prank each other. He says “I literally get tortured and have scars from her pranks." He admits there is a line he draws with her tho; snakes. She’s terrified of them, even rubber snakes. Luke says she’s the one who started the pranks and now she has prank anxiety. On Friday Luke will have a live performance and a Q&A with Amazon Music to celebrate his new album. You can send him your questions now.

Finally - Maren Morris says she’s gotten sucked into Bravo TV's Below Deck Mediterranean. It’s about people on a mega yacht trying to navigate heartbreaks to power struggles. It also includes a chef that has to deal with picky and demanding guests. Maren says, “I’ve worked in the service industry and I’m too scared to ever send food back.”

Monday, August 3, 2020

Luke Combs is married & Luke Bryan’s wife had a rough weekend

Luke Combs got married to longtime girlfriend Nicole Hocking Saturday in front of family at their southern Florida home. Even tho there was a hurricane threat, the ceremony was not interrupted. Because of Covid all of their family & friends could not be there. Luke said they’d celebrate with all of them early next year.

This weekend Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline went to college tweeting, “I left a big piece of my heart today in Georgia. Been dreading this day for years, but it’s time for Til to fly.” Til’s their nephew. His mom, Luke’s sister died in 07 then his dad died in 2014 and the Bryan’s adopted him. Luke says his sons Bo and Tate are back in school today but Nashville schools are only having virtual classes. Luke and his wife learned they don’t have the patience to home school.

Finally - Blake Shelton's Ole Red Orlando recently opened in Florida. It has a red tractor hanging over the stage that Blake’s GM found on some back road in Tennessee. It was an actual working tractor and he talked the guy into selling it. The menu includes tater tots Blake says aren’t like the grocery store. His are scratch made and hand-scooped to order.

Friday, July 31, 2020

Jason Aldean loves shopping on eBay & Rascal Flatts has a new EP out

Jason Aldean loves shopping on eBay and it’s where he gets his vintage t-shirts. I also learned growing up Jason played baseball, first base because he noticed they got the most on-camera time in the big leagues.

Brett Eldredge reveals his favorite thing about going home is his mom’s brownies. Brett says they’re incredible and the recipe was handed down from his great grandma.

Keith Urban’s 12-year-old Sunday has been putting together short movies. Keith hopes she becomes a film director someday. Sunday also plays piano and her sister Faith plays the violin.

Dolly will have a new album out this fall, ‘A Holly Dolly Christmas,’ and it features her brother Randy, Michael Buble', Billy Ray & Miley Cyrus and Jimmy Fallon.

Finally - Rascal Flatts has a 7-tune EP out today. Zac Brown turns 42. Tomorrow Florida Georgia Line play a USO show at 11 AM CT at

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Garth permanently removes himself from Entertainer of the Year & Michael Ray and Brett Eldredge are live today

Yesterday Garth permanently removed himself from the CMA Entertainer of the Year category. He felt like it’s time for somebody else to win it. He also plans to open a bar on Nashville's Lower Broadway in the next few years. I also hear it was his daughter Allie, who had COVID and since her husband works with Garth daily, everyone had to be tested.

During quarantine, several people have seen Luke Combs fishing on Nashville’s Cumberland River.

Michael Ray
is live today at 5 CT on the Diamond Resorts Facebook page. Brett Eldredge has a free show tonight at 7 CT on Facebook and his YouTube channel.

Tim McGraw
and Faith Hill will be married 24 years in October and a source told Us Weekly they’re “in it for life.”

Finally - Miranda Lambert gave Maren Morris and her son matching jean jackets with their names on it and lots of fringe.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Jason Aldean is selling his beach home & Garth has a press conference this morning

Jason Aldean is selling his nearly 7,000 sg foot Florida beach home on Saint George Island for $2.95 million. He’s since bought another beach house there for $4.1 million. It’s almost 4,500 square feet with 5 bedrooms, five bathrooms, a chef’s kitchen with two islands and a pool.

Garth has a press conference that’ll live stream this morning at 10 AM CT on his Facebook page. He says it has to do with when personal lines meet career lines.

At Blake Shelton’s drive-in concert last weekend, everyone involved did their best to make it seem like it was live. A screen in one city stretched across the front of 18 shipping containers. As for pandemic living, Blake’s been picking blackberries, growing a garden and he planted 2-acres of sweet corn, just like Luke Bryan did. Only Luke said it was so much work, don’t ever do it.

Finally - Thomas Rhett says the pandemic’s sorta been a blessing because he’s seeing his kids a lot more.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Jason Aldean just got a tattoo & Shania’s partnered with Netflix

Jason Aldean just got a tattoo of 3 palm trees on his left arm with the word Navy for his daughter. It’ll be finished in September and it was done by Bubba Irwin from the show Ink Master. The same day Bubba also tattooed Kane Brown, his wife and Jason’s wife Brittany. Tonight from his new mansion, Jason performs on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Tyler from Florida Georgia Line’s nearly year-old son Luca’s been sick. They got his test results back yesterday and Luca thankfully was negative for Covid-19.

Maren Morris is so frugal she refuses to rent a movie on Apple if it’s more than $6. Her husband’s the one who reminds her she can afford it! Maren also wrote her first song in a long time yesterday.

Shania’s partnered with Netflix to adapt best-selling author Debbie Macomber's Heart of Texas book’s as a TV series. Shania will executive produce and be on the soundtrack too.

Finally - Kane Brown has a live virtual performance with Pandora at 7 CT today.

Monday, July 27, 2020

Dierks Bentley's “suffer fest” & Tim McGraw crashed a Zoom meeting

This weekend in Telluride, Colorado, Dierks Bentley took a 6 1/2 hour, 50 mile bicycle ride at 7,000 vertical feet. He biked thru two mountain ranges in the cold, rain and deep mud and ended up covered in it. He even had his son hose him off. Dierks called it a “true suffer fest” but he loved it and would do it again anytime!

A few days ago, Tim McGraw crashed a Zoom meeting with nurses at a hospital in New Jersey. It was a complete surprise to the Covid health care workers. Tim thanked the nurses for the great work they were doing then had a private concert just for them.

The condo Keith Urban recently bought in New York City was 3.5 million. It’s 1,600 sq ft with 2 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms and located in Manhattan’s fancy Tribeca neighborhood. The building includes roof gardens with cabana lounges, a huge fitness center and an underground reception area with vaulted ceilings.

Finally - Carly Pearce wants to catch up with us tonight at 7 CT on Instagram Live.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Thomas Rhett makes brisket & Luke Combs will be live today

Thomas Rhett’s 5th attempt at making brisket was a success. The previous four were “tough as a brick” so he turned to company, Meat Church. They face timed with him so he could see how it’s done. Thomas tweeted, “hands down the best brisket I’ve ever had.”

Miranda Lambert thinks her marriage has passed the COVID-19 test. She and Brendan were married in January 2019. She said back in February she told herself not to panic and to use the break to rest.

Kane Brown
and his wife Katelyn have a duet out soon, ‘Mad At This World.’ It’s about what’s happened in 2020 like Covid, tornados destroying Nashville and the California fires.

Blake Shelton
and Gwen Stefani are in People magazine today. They reveal quarantining on his Oklahoma ranch includes riding four-wheelers, making sourdough biscuits and just being together.

Finally - Luke Combs will be live today at 6 CT on all his socials.

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Tenille Townes leads the CCMA’s & Kenny Chesney vacations in Kennebunkport

Tenille Townes leads the CCMA’s with 6 nominations including Entertainer of the Year, Female Artist and Fans’ Choice Award. Dean Brody and Brett Kissel each got five and James Barker Band, The Reklaws and Dallas Smith four nods each. The show’s Sept. 27 on Global and the Global TV App.

Last weekend, Kenny Chesney vacationed in Kennebunkport, Maine. He was seen at the Arundel Wharf restaurant, the Colony Hotel and Alisson’s Restaurant, who’s known for their lobster rolls. Kenny’s boat captain Ben’s from there plus he has friends that are fishermen, boat guides and own bars in Kennebunkport so it has a special place in his heart. In 2018, Kenny was seen in Maine with 90-year-old Kennedy matriarch Ethel, sailing around the bay of the Kennedy compound in Hyannis Port.

Jay DeMarcus from Rascal Flatts, his wife Allison and their kids Dylan and Madeline, are getting their own reality show on Netflix. DeMarcus Family Rules premieres August 19 and it’ll be a behind the scenes, unfiltered look at what they call their “crazy life.”

Garth is done with his upcoming album ‘FUN’ but says he's in limbo, just waiting for the right moment to share it. He also hinted a surprise is coming with the record's release.

Finally – tomorrow morning on the Today Show, Blake Shelton & Gwen Stefani perform their new single.

Opening Day Baseball tune from my husband

In honor of Opening Day, here is the song my husband wrote and is singing.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020

Fans are mad at Keith Urban & Luke Bryan pranks his dog

Fans are mad at Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman because the government let them skip the 14-day mandatory hotel quarantine when they got to Sydney, Australia yesterday. They did have to pass a health check at a private airport but were granted special permission to self-isolate at home. Fans said once again the rich and famous always get a pass.

Jason Aldean’s 2-year-old son Memphis has hair so long his mom sometime puts it in a bun. Jason gets lots of mean comments on social media and says, “when u are talking about my child I will come out swinging. So let's agree to disagree and say no more!"

Luke Bryan pranked his chocolate lab Choc yesterday. He was watching Luke eat so he tossed him a slice of tomato. After Choc chewed it for a few seconds he spit it out.

Tim McGraw will have a live stream to talk about his upcoming album, ‘Here on Earth,’ August 21 at 8 PM CT. Tickets are on sale now for $15 at

Finally – Willie Nelson’s on Jimmy Kimmel Live,

Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Carrie Underwood’s Christmas album's out September 25 & Luke Combs Croc slides are out today

Carrie Underwood’s first ever Christmas album, ‘The Gift’ will be out September 25. The vinyl version will be in stores October 30. Carrie says the record will also feature a world-class orchestra.

Brad Paisley’s
wife Kimberly posted a video yesterday in their driveway doing a cheer saying, “2020 ain’t gonna get me down. It’s all about attitude.” All of a sudden a huge black ball fell from the sky and crushed her. Brad’s dad Doug told me it was an app called, Action Movie Fx.

Thomas Rhett says once you have three kids it just tacks on a little bit to the chaos. Thomas says he and Lauren could easily have seven.

After taking ‘Nobody But You’ to #1, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have a new single coming out, ‘Happy Anywhere.’ They’ll debut it Friday on NBC’s Today show.

Finally - Luke Combs new Croc slides are out today and be quick cause they’ll sell out!

Monday, July 20, 2020

Luke Bryan has a fishing quirk & Tenille Townes performs on the Today show tomorrow

Luke Bryan’s always wanted to take the summer off and now he can cause of Covid. Luke recently loaded his 3 boys on the tour bus and they fished in ten trout streams on their way out west. Luke’s fishing quirk is he’ll accidentally hook people and he’s done it about 100 times so far.

Midland's Mark Wystrach’s in the upcoming film, The Eyes of Tammy Faye, based on the story of Christian TV’s Tammy Faye Bakker. Mark plays Gary Paxton, a hit songwriter and producer who she reportedly had a crush on during her marriage to Jim Bakker. Mark is not new to acting tho. Years ago he was on the soap opera Passions and he also had a cameo on CSI: Miami.

Dierks Bentley has spent quarantine doing a lot of bicycle riding and working on his mullet which is getting pretty long.

Tenille Townes performs on the Today show tomorrow.

Finally - Hillary from Lady A has two tattoos, a music note on her foot and the #14 on her wrist for the age she decided to do music for a living.

Friday, July 17, 2020

thomas rhett has a pedicure & Dolly's White Limozeen opens today in Nashville

Thomas Rhett’s 3-year-old daughter Ada painted his toenails white yesterday. He said it was “invigorating.”

Midland used to fight a lot because they’re all so competitive. One thing that helped fix that was getting rid of their backgammon set because it caused too much friction.

A Dolly Parton-themed restaurant opens today in Nashville, ‘White Limozeen.’ The name’s from a tune off her 1989 album. It has a roof-top pool. The menu includes everything from a classic burger to caviar to champagne Jello shots.

Michael Ray
and Tenille Townes are on a live concert to benefit London's Royal Albert Hall. It’s on the venue's YouTube channel Saturday at 1:30 CT.

Finally - Luke Bryan turns 44 today. Keith Urban debuts the video for ‘Superman.’ The vinyl version of Sam Hunt's ‘Southside’ is out today then tonight Reba has a live show from 1994 on her YouTube channel.

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman just bought a two-bedroom New York apartment in the Tribeca section of Manhattan. They paid $3.5 million for their place at 108 Leonard Street. Nic especially liked the building security as it has three entrances and a “sky garage” so they can park right next to their apartment. There’s an elevator just for their car. The Urbans also have homes in Nashville, Los Angeles and two in Australia.

New mom Maren Morris tweeted, “Getting dressed felt like a win today.” Her son Hayes was born March 23.

Brett Eldredge says his grama was an amazing cook especially her fried chicken, mashed potatoes and green bean casserole. One of his favorites was a chocolate cake she made from scratch with thick white icing. She’d serve it in a cup with milk poured over and called it Eldredge Cake.

Finally - Luke Combs performs from home on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight.

Wednesday, July 15, 2020

what led Carly Pearce to file for divorce & Luke Combs new Crocs are out Tuesday

We may now know what led Carly Pearce to file for divorce from Michael Ray. A fan tweeted something yesterday Carly retweeted and clicked ‘like’ on. The fan wrote, “Carly’s deleted all pics of Michael from her Instagram. Show him he messed up. Imagine cheating on someone so perfect.”

Maren Morris wrote, “remember when Maren got rejected from Idol, The Voice and America’s Got Talent? Now they use her music in the shows for promo and audition songs.”

Thomas Rhett’s 5-month-old Lennon’s named after Beatle John Lennon. Her middle name was gonna be Louise, but in the hospital they changed it to Love cause she was born so close to Valentine’s Day.

Luke Combs new Crocs are out Tuesday. The black slide has a wood grain side panel and the Jibbitz include a guitar pic holder, a beer bottle, an American flag and a guitar.

Finally - Chris Young’s canceled his remaining tour dates and now can refund ticket-holders.

Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Luke Bryan ‘Ain't Divorced Yet' & Garth’s acoustic live show with Trisha is tonight

If he had to write a song about quarantine, Luke Bryan would call it, ‘Ain't Divorced Yet.’ Even tho quarantine divorces are happening, Luke says he and his wife are better than ever.

Randy Houser shared a photo of an airplane full of people wearing masks sitting side-by-side and a picture of an empty music venue. He wrote, “Anybody see a problem?” Jason Aldean responded, “let’s pack em in like sardines breathing recirculated air” and Clint Black added, “maybe we should see if we can sing to people packed into planes.”

Garth’s acoustic live show with Trisha doing our requests is tonight at 6 CT.

Morgan Wallen’s former fiancée Katie Smith gave birth to their son Indigo Wilder Friday. Morgan writes, “this year has been the hardest of my life but that’s not what I’ll remember it by. You are. I’ll be the Dad you deserve.”

Finally - Dolly’s line of greeting cards exclusively at Walmart will be in stores later this month.

Monday, July 13, 2020

The Lady A saga continues & Luke Bryan's on Live With Kelly & Ryan

The Lady A saga continues… Seattle’s Lady A, Anita White, told Rolling Stone when she asked Lady A for $10 million, she told them she’d donate half to charity. Anita says “they should change their name. They have the resources and money to do that. I don't want to share my name with them." The band isn’t suing White to prevent her from using “Lady A.” They’re attempting to ensure they won’t be sued for using the handle going forward. I hear White never trademarked the name Lady A but the band did in 2011.

Luke Bryan's on Live With Kelly & Ryan today. Tonight he hosts the 3-hour CMA Best of Fest on ABC with performances from the past 16 years like Blake Shelton, Garth, Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, Luke Combs, Miranda Lambert, Thomas Rhett and more.

Darius Rucker and his wife Beth are getting a divorce after nearly 20 years of marriage. On Saturday he wrote, “after much reflection we have made the decision to consciously uncouple. We remain close friends and parenting partners. Please be kind.”

Finally - Little Big Town sing ‘Wine, Beer, Whiskey on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon & Brett Eldredge is on Southern Living magazine’s biscuits and jam podcast today.

Friday, July 10, 2020

Charlie Daniels funeral will livestream today & Carrie Underwood's seen on a cattle drive

The funeral for Charlie Daniels starts at 11 AM CT today and will be live-streamed at the Charlie Daniels Band Facebook page and YouTube channel. Performers include Travis Tritt, Vince Gill, Gretchen Wilson and Trace Adkins.

Brett Eldredge’s album, ‘Sunday Drive’ is out today. Brett will go live at 3:30 CT playing the songs, telling the stories behind them and answering fan questions.

Rascal Flatts say when they retire from touring the things they’ll miss most are getting the best tables at restaurants and a discount and VIP passes at Disney World.

Thomas Rhett says quarantine for he and his family means lots of Chick-fil-A take out. They also swing in the hammock, walk in the woods and play in the pool. Thomas says a daily highlight is walking to the mailbox.

Finally - Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike went on a cattle drive in Wyoming this week. They celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary today.

Thursday, July 9, 2020

lady a sue lady a & Blake Shelton has a drive-in concert

A few weeks ago Lady A thought they'd come to an agreement with Seattle R&B singer Anita White, who's been using Lady A for 20 years. They hoped they could both perform as Lady A. Anita now says she’ll do that for $10 million dollars so they’re suing her. The suit claims they’ve used “Lady Antebellum” and “Lady A” since 07 and they registered “Lady A” with the U.S. Patent Office in 2011 with no opposition from anyone including Anita. They’ll now head to court so they can continue using ‘Lady A’ and say “we’re disappointed we won’t be able to work with Anita and hope she and her advisors change their minds. We could do so much more together.”

Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Trace Adkins will have a drive-in concert in the U.S. and Canada July 25. It’ll feature performances filmed exclusively for the drive-in show and there will also be interviews and stories from Blake, Gwen and Trace. The cost is $114.99 per vehicle for up to 6 people and tickets go on sale on July 14.

Finally - Michael Ray has a new Instagram Live series, Power Hour that starts tonight at 7 CT.

Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Carly Pearce on the inaugural ACM Wine Down & Charlie Daniel's funeral is Friday

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani continue to be the hottest tabloid subject. Rumor has it Blake wants to surprise Gwen and propose on The Voice next season as she’ll be back on the show. A source close to the situation says this simply isn’t true. Speaking of Blake, he has a home on Lake Texoma in Oklahoma that he built for Gwen. It has a Hawaiian theme with palm trees, grass-roof guest bungalows and an infinity pool. The property is fenced and gated but it surprised me that neighbors on both sides are just a few feet away.

Carly Pearce is part of the inaugural ACM Wine Down Wednesday today at 6 CT on Carly’s Facebook. As for her cat Emmylou, Carly says “most friends she won’t get within 10 feet of and if she comes over it’s always on her terms.” Carly says Emmylou rules the house.

Finally – Charlie Daniels died Monday. Today, Trace Adkins, Tracy Lawrence, Darryl Worley and more will sing outside of Sellars Funeral Home in Mt Juliet, TN then there will be an open visitation. Charlie’s funeral is 11 AM Friday at World Outreach Church in Murfreesboro.

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Charlie Daniels died yesterday & garth cancels tonight's concert

While Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood are fine, someone in their camp has possibly been exposed to Covid-19. To be safe, they’re all quarantining for 2-weeks and that means tonight’s live acoustic show will happen at a date to be determined later.

Charlie Daniels died yesterday at Summit Medical Center in Hermitage, TN from a stroke that was probably caused by a brain aneurism. He was 83. Blake Shelton tweeted, “Just when I thought 2020 couldn’t break my heart anymore... Charlie Daniels you will always be an American hero. Rest In Peace sir.” Jake Owen wrote, “His music and talent speaks for itself, but boys and girls it’s the legacy you leave behind and your character. It doesn’t get better than Charlie Daniels.” Jason Aldean added, “He was one of the nicest/kindest people I have ever met.” Luke Bryan posted, “What a hero. A true patriot and country music icon.” Tim McGraw wrote, “without fail, every time I had the pleasure of being around him, he was one of most genuine, kind and thoughtful folks I've ever run across.”

Finally - Willie Nelson’s
on Southern Living magazines Biscuits & Jam podcast today mostly talking about food.

Monday, July 6, 2020

Maren Morris removes all photos of her son & will Brett Eldredge do The Bachelor

Maren Morris deleted all photos of her 3-month-old son Hayes from Instagram Friday after being mom-shamed one too many times. She and her husband had talked about not posting photos anyway until he’s a bit older, but Maren said other moms definitely “forced their hand.'

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have 2 cats, Ginger and Snow. On walks Nic carries them in a backpack with a window so they can peek out and get some air. She says they love it.

Brett Eldredge was asked if he’d ever want to be on NBC’s The Bachelor and said, "I don't think so cause I like my private life too much." As for dating post-pandemic, Brett said, ‘once we get out of this, conversations will have more depth and we’ll hopefully cut out things that don’t give value to our life."

Finally – Luke Combs is a huge Will Ferrell fan and he hopes one day to have him in a music video. Luke says he’s always wanted to meet him and thinks he’s the funniest guy on the planet.

Friday, July 3, 2020

Maren Morris’s husband defends her & Zac Brown Band has a free show tonight

Maren Morris’s husband Ryan Hurd took to social media yesterday writing, “my wife usually doesn’t need me to defend her but she’s a great mom and my kid was not recently unsafe on a float in 1 feet of water being held by an adult with 5 people watching.”

Multiple sources say Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani will marry once social distancing guidelines are lifted. They want ceremonies in LA and Oklahoma and hoped it would be this summer but are OK if they have to wait till the fall.

Zac Brown Band
has a free show tonight on the band's YouTube and Facebook pages at 7 CT. Saturday on NBC Florida Georgia Line play after the NASCAR Xfinity race then it’s NBC’s Macy's 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular with Lady A, Tim McGraw and Brad Paisley at 7 but it repeats at 9 PM. Also Saturday night Lauren Alaina and Brantley Gilbert are on A Capitol Fourth on PBS’s Facebook and YouTube pages.

Finally - Luke Combs has been in the studio working on his next album.

Thursday, July 2, 2020

Miranda Lambert will stream her album release party tonight & Blake Shelton fans are not happy

Miranda Lambert will stream her Wildcard album release party on YouTube tonight at 7 PM CT. Wildcard is her 7th studio album and it includes a tune with Maren Morris. Speaking of Maren, since she had her son Hayes, she’s been sharing lots of photos of him on social media but now that may change. This week she showed Hayes on her lap in an inflatable boat. A Twitter user asked why he wasn’t wearing a life jacket. Maren said she gets so many criticisms on just about anything she posts on Hayes, she may stop.

Blake Shelton fans are not happy. Kanye West took Blake’s tune title, ‘God’s Country’ for his upcoming album. Blake’s fans say they don’t like it one bit but he hasn’t weighed in yet.

Scotty McCreery performs a 20 minute acoustic show on the Navy Exchange Facebook & Instagram pages at 7 CT tonight. 
Old Dominion sing tomorrow on Good Morning America.
Finally - country newcomer, Breland will have Keith Urban on an upcoming tune out later this year that he’s calling a “Country-Twerk” song.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Carly Pearce gets a puppy & carrie underwood makes a scarecrow

Almost 2-weeks after announcing her upcoming divorce, Carly Pearce broke her social media silence to introduce a new puppy. June looks like a designer poodle mix and she was also wanting to get a dog during quarantine anyway. Carly has a rag doll cat she walks on a leash named Emmylou after Emmylou Harris.

Besides her new hobby of beekeeping, Carrie Underwood has a garden. She just used her zucchini to make bread and the other day she and the family made a scarecrow with jeans, a flannel shirt and a mean face to keep birds away from her blueberries.

On tour, Dierks Bentley is often seen walking around backstage with a peanut butter and jam sandwich. I hear that’s where he gets some of his magic.

Finally – the CMA Summer Stay-Cay will have performances and Q&As with Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Luke Combs, Chris Janson, Lady A, Jon Pardi, Carly Pearce, Rascal Flatts, Michael Ray, Brett Young and more. The 3-hour show streams on the CMA YouTube channel and Facebook page today at 5 CT.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Garth’s working on a secret project & Keith Urban celebrates 14 years

Several fans complained about Garth’s drive in show last weekend because it wasn’t live. Last night Garth revealed he’ll play a live acoustic show July 7. I also hear Garth’s working on a secret project with actor Chris Pratt. All we know is Chris will be singing country music.

Since Chase Rice was blasted for having a packed concert last weekend, he says there’s a lot of opinions on COVID-19 and live music crowds. Going forward Chase will do drive-in shows and says at some point he'll have to start cutting his employees pay if all this continues.

Actress Reese Witherspoon tweeted, “to the woman in the parking lot who just asked if I was Carrie Underwood, you officially made my day!” Carrie responded, "YOUR day, that lady just made my whole life!"

Finally - Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary a few days ago with Italian takeout from a place in Beverly Hills. They both wore face masks because California law mandates that.

Monday, June 29, 2020

Kelsea Ballerini slams chase rice & Miranda Lambert rescues a kitten

Chase Rice posted a video of his concert in Tennessee Saturday night. It was outdoors and fans were shoulder-to-shoulder not wearing masks. Kelsea Ballerini slammed Chase writing, “imagine being selfish enough to put thousands of people’s health at risk. The rest of us care about our fans and their families enough to wait.” Chris Janson played in Idaho this weekend to a sea of people and posted a video then later removed it from Instagram.

Miranda Lambert and her husband were driving down a Texas highway yesterday when he spotted a tiny orange kitten in the road. Miranda says her rescue ways are rubbing off on him. That kitten will be their newest pet. This weekend Chris Young found a fake Twitter account for his dog Porter intended to scam people. Chris wrote, “this is low and dirty, take it down!”

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike have a new quarantine hobby; beekeeping.

Finally - Dierks Bentley has a concert tonight on his Instagram page at 5 CT and you can now pre-order Keith Urban’s album, ‘The Speed of Now Part 1.’

Friday, June 26, 2020

Dolly Parton’s out on vinyl today & the Dixie Chicks change their name

Jon Pardi, Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker are part of a three-night drive-in concert series in Nashville, St. Louis and Indianapolis. Jon plays July 10, Brad the next day and Darius July 12 and tickets go on sale today.

‘The Very Best of Dolly Parton’ is on vinyl for the first time ever today. Tenille Townes debut album, ‘The Lemonade Stand’ is out with 12 songs, all co-written by Tenille. Her biggest pet peeve is the sound of popcorn in a bowl.

Blake Shelton’s obsessed with gum and his favorites are Big League Chew, Orange Orbit, and Bubble Tape. Blake said he’ll often chew three pieces at a time.

Saturday night, Garth has a concert event at 300 drive-in’s across the US and Canada. I also hear an acoustic show with he and Trisha is in the works.

Finally – the Dixie Chicks will now be known as The Chicks. The 1960s New Zealand pop group with the same name is letting them co-exist together.

Thursday, June 25, 2020

Carrie Underwood's tour secret & The CMA Stay-Cay streams July 1

Carrie Underwood always does her own hair and makeup on tour and her secret is piling it on thick and using lots of glitter on her eyes. Carrie says making the bus her home is also important. When she’s off the road, Carrie’s place to unplug is home and she always sleeps better in her own bed.

In college Luke Combs played rugby and he was so big, Luke said he’d just crush people.

Kane Brown grew up listening to country music but he had a brief interest in R&B during his middle school years. After winning a talent contest in the 11th grade singing Chris Young’s ‘Gettin’ You Home,’ Kane returned to his country roots.

The CMA Summer Stay-Cay will have performances and Q&As with Jason Aldean, Eric Church, Luke Combs, Chris Janson, Lady A, Jon Pardi, Carly Pearce, Rascal Flatts, Michael Ray and more. It streams on the CMA YouTube channel and Facebook page July 1.

Finally - Brett Eldredge’s favorite meal is anything Thai especially sticky rice with mango.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Jake Owen loves NY Pie & Willie Nelson’s concert rider is eclectic

Next time you’re in Nashville, you’ll probably find Jake Owen is at NY Pie; his favorite pizza place. They sell it by the slice and Jake says they make their own dough and all of their tomatoes are imported from Italy.

Blake Shelton has a brick pizza oven in his backyard but still hasn’t figured out how to use it. He had his friend who owns a restaurant show him how but Blake says he actually prefers Pizza Hut or frozen from the grocery store.

Willie Nelson’s concert rider is eclectic. Everything has to be organic; milk, potatoes and all fruit. The rider includes a dozen free range brown eggs, four-thin cut pork chops, a six-pack of Dr. Pepper and 2 gallons of aloe vera juice. On Wednesday & Saturday only, Willie’s rider states you must provide him organic celery, cottage cheese & 2 rolls of paper towels.

Finally - Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have been at their Nashville home during quarantine. Keith’s been recording in his home studio, Nic’s learning Italian and they’re both doing a lot of reading and playing card games with their daughters.

Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Carly Pearce and Michael Ray are getting divorced & Luke Combs performs on the Tonight Show

After 8-months of marriage, Carly Pearce and Michael Ray are getting divorced. A source close to her said it was a hard decision and not something Carly wanted to do. It had nothing to do with quarantine and was a “last resort." A recent Instagram post showed Carly without her wedding ring and Michael hasn’t been in any of her newest photos.

Jon Pardi, Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker are part of Live Nation’s drive-in concerts in Nashville, St. Louis and Indianapolis. Jon plays July 10, Brad on the 11th and Darius July 12. The music will be heard thru big speakers and not car radios and tickets go on sale Friday.

I don’t know what gift Gwen Stefani got Blake Shelton for his 44th birthday but the cake was an edible mini Farmall red tractor with a little Blake and Gwen driving it.

Glen Campbell’s widow Kim has a tell-all book out today, ‘Gentle On My Mind: In Sickness and in Health with Glen Campbell.’

Finally - Luke Combs performs on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon tonight.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Luke Bryan's wife is attacked & Carrie Underwood's closet surprise

Last week Luke Bryan's wife Caroline was attacked by her turkey, Al. He hit a tendon in the back of her leg, making it hard to walk. Caroline had to get a tetanus shot and she needed a cane for a few days too. Al’s attacked her before but this was the worst one. She says it’s a love hate relationship.

For the first day of summer this weekend, Carrie Underwood posted a photo in one of her new CALIA by Carrie swimsuits. What got more attention than the bikini was her massive closet where Carrie has a washer and dryer.

As for his pandemic tune, ‘Six Feet Apart,’ Luke Combs didn’t write it to be opportunistic, corny or cheesy, he wanted to give people hope. Luke said, “anything that can give someone even three minutes of relief I'm proud of.”

Blake Shelton’s favorite dessert is Rice Krispie treats and he says he can't live without them. As for the craziest thing Blake's ever eaten, he and his friend once cooked crow just so they could say they've eaten crow. Blake said don’t try it tho, it was terrible.

Finally - Jason Aldean’s son Memphis will be three in December and his new thing is putting sentences together. Each day he says a new word or sentence and Jason’s like, 'where did he learn that one? He said he and his wife really have to watch what they say now!

Friday, June 19, 2020

Tim McGraw and Little Big Town are on United We Sing & Garth’s drive-in concert show's on sale

Tickets go on sale today for Garth’s drive-in concert show June 27. They’re $100 per car load. His 23-year-old daughter Allie Colleen’s on Trisha Yearwood’s Food Network show this weekend. She’ll be singing and cooking with Trisha who she calls her bonus mom.

Miranda Lambert was in New York yesterday with her husband. An ice cream truck went buy and she got a rainbow snow cone saying, “anytime I can follow the music of the ice cream truck to happiness I want to. I’m either running to ice cream or running it off!” Growing up they lived so far from town, Miranda either had homemade Kool-Aid freezer pops or an Oreo blizzard from Dairy Queen.

Tim McGraw and Little Big Town are on United We Sing: A Grammy Salute To The Unsung Heroes hosted by Harry Connick, Jr. Sunday night on CBS.

Finally - Brad Paisley surprised Daniel Hayden, a cattle and chicken farmer in Kentucky with a year's worth of N95 masks for he and his staff. Brad said, "I appreciate you keeping the food chain going for all of us."

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Luke Bryan’s on The Tonight Show & Blake Shelton turns 44 today

Luke Bryan’s on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight. Luke’s real name is Thomas Luther and growing up kids called him ‘Lex Luther," so, he finally just shortened it to Luke. Lex Luthor was Superman's arch-enemy.

Blake Shelton turns 44 today. For the guy who has everything, last year Gwen Stefani gave him a huge handmade ‘Welcome to the Ranch’ sign for his place in Oklahoma.

Michael Ray and Carly Pearce have quarantined between Nashville and her parents’ home in Alabama. While there Michael said they took a lot of ‘wine walks’ where you drink wine as you walk around town.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman own two homes in Australia, one in New York City and one in LA but their main house is Nashville. It’s 10,000-sq-ft with 7 bedrooms & 8 bathrooms.

Finally - Kane Brown tweeted, “if you’re ever having a bad day, remember if you have a warm meal at night and a roof over your head, life ain’t bad at all.”

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

lady a mad at lady a & Dolly's got a new book out in November

We thought Monday’s talk between Lady A and the Seattle blues singer Anita White or Lady A went well but apparently not. Anita said, "I received a draft agreement from their camp and I'm not happy. They’re trying to erase me and I no longer trust them.” Lady A’s made no comment. Anita told them there’s no way she’s giving up her name.

The Voice has hired Gwen Stefani back next season. She’ll join returning coaches Blake Shelton, Kelly Clarkson and John Legend. The show will premiere sometime this fall.

Dolly Parton’s ‘Songteller: My Life in Lyrics’ is a book out in November telling the stories behind 175 of her songs. It’ll also include never-before-seen photos and memorabilia. Dolly was just the guest speaker at a virtual graduation and told high school seniors in Sevier County, TN where she was born, "as you go out in this big world, know dreams do come true.”

Finally - Carrie Underwood and her husband’s 4-part series, ‘Mike and Carrie: God & Country’ has their last show tonight on

Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Lady A finally talks to Lady A & Martina McBride shares her famous Fluff Salad

Yesterday Lady A reached out to Seattle singer, Lady A privately on Zoom. They said it was a transparent, honest, and authentic conversation and they’re excited to share they’re moving forward with positive solutions and common ground.

Luke Combs and his fiancée lost their favorite chicken, Agatha Sunday after a raccoon snuck into the coop. Luke said she was the “sweetest, sassiest chicken ever and I’ll miss letting her out every morning.” During this quarantine, they’ve also planted a garden and they’re cooking every meal together. Luke says he’s finding joy in the quiet.

Martina McBride’s on Southern Living’s Biscuits and Jam podcast today talking about her famous Fluff Salad. It includes pineapple, mini marshmallows, Cool Whip and pimiento cheese spread.

Finally - Tim and Faith’s 21-year-old daughter Maggie’s graduating this year from Stanford. She studied marine biology and has been helping Feed the Frontline in Nashville getting donations to buy food from restaurants to give to Covid frontline workers.

Monday, June 15, 2020

Jason Aldean moved into his mansion & Lady a have a problem

Last week Lady Antebellum changed their name to Lady A but Lady A’s a 61-year-old blues singer from Seattle who's been performing under that name for over two decades. She slammed the band for not even consulting with her first and said, “I don’t know if the new Lady A will issue a cease-and-desist but I’m not about to stop using my name.” She does own the trademark for Lady A LLC.

Jason Aldean moved into his mansion this weekend. It took 2-years to build and features 8 bars, a bowling alley and a kitchen with a restaurant style flat top where Jason cooked fried eggs Saturday. Brittany has a 2-story closet with a wine bar and hundreds of pairs of shoes that take up an entire wall. Their backyard has palm trees, a massive pool and water fall plus a lazy river and jets that make it seem like a rip tide. There’s also a 2-story water slide, tiki bars and a Koi pond. Jason also has a room with a big screen just for playing virtual golf.

Finally – at 11 AM CT Garth will reveal what drive in’s he’s playing later this month. Today, he’ll play Words With Friends 2 on at 6:25 PM CT. He’ll compete live against Trisha and his inner circle of songwriters. He’ll also answer questions from people watching.

Friday, June 12, 2020

Lady Antebellum will now be known as Lady A & Chris Young turns 35

Lady Antebellum will now be known as Lady A. Yesterday they dropped “antebellum” because it’s associated with a time before the Civil War when there was slavery. The band wrote, “we are deeply sorry for the hurt this has caused, that was never our intention so today, we speak up and make a change.”

Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike took to social media yesterday to get help finding his vintage Ford F250 crew cab stolen Wednesday near Edmonton, Alberta.

When Tim McGraw’s oldest daughter went on her first date years ago, he was out of town but still wanted to meet him. The next day, Tim was trimming meat when the doorbell rings and it’s her date. He answers it with a knife in his hand and a bloody apron on. Tim thought that set a good stage to meet him.

Carly Pearce says the one thing she needs out of her house is her husband Michael Ray’s obsession with wrestling. She absolutely hates it!

Finally – Chris Young turns 35 today.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

Garth’s playing 300 drive-in's & Carly Pearce is live on Instagram at 4 CT

Garth just announced he’ll host a concert event at 300 drive-in’s across North America June 27. Tickets go on sale June 19 and will cost $100 per car or SUV load. Cars will park six feet apart, theatre employees will wear masks, and they’ll also limit capacity in restrooms.

According to US Weekly, insiders say Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have been gearing up to finally marry as soon as social distancing guidelines are lifted. A close source says COVID-19’s inspired them to make their relationship official.

Carly Pearce is live on Instagram at 4 CT. Tonight Eric Church is on A Tribute Celebrating John Prine on John's YouTube and Facebook pages. Also on the show; Vince Gill, Bill Murray, Kevin Bacon and more. It’ll benefit the National Alliance on Mental Illness and Alive Hospice.

Finally - for years now, Jake Owen’s been talking about slowing down to spend more time with family. He said it took the pandemic to finally force him to do that.

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

luke bryan helps new country duo & Willie Nelson has livestream benefit tonight

Jason & Brittany Aldean’s 2 ½ -year-old son Memphis has never had his hair cut and when Jason shared a photo of him in the ocean, an internet troll wrote, “get him to the barber shop," then added a rolling eyes emoji. Jason answered back with two emoji’s; one shushing and one a fist. Brittany said, "I don't know why people care. We just want him to look like a little surfer kid.”

New country duo, CB30 are brothers Christian and Brody Clementi and Luke Bryan’s taken them under his wing. Their father’s a Nashville songwriter who’s known Luke for years. Luke even helped the guys get a record deal and he took them out as openers on a few of his tour stops.

Tonight Willie Nelson and his wife Annie host A Night for Austin, a livestream benefit at 8 CT. It will include a virtual tip jar and all proceeds will go to charities in Texas.

Finally - as for our world now, Tim McGraw says, “pandemic makes us want to shut down and not let the world in but reaching out’s what keeps us from turning bitter and scared.”

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Blake Shelton’s Ole Red Orlando opens June 19 & Chris Janson's a chiropractic nerd

Blake Shelton’s newest Ole Red will open in Orlando, Florida June 19 at 50% capacity. Tables will be six feet apart. Staff will wear masks and get temperature checks before working. Menus, plates, silverware and condiments are disposable. The menu includes tater tot poutine and bar-b-que gator wings.

Chris Janson calls himself a chiropractic nerd and he watches Dr. Jason in Los Angeles do adjustments on YouTube. Last year on the way to his show in LA, Chris popped a rib out from airplane turbulence and when he got to LA, he met Dr. Jason. The doctor’s a big fan so he came to the show with his table to adjust Chris and now they’re good friends.

Kimberly from Little Big Town’s on Southern Living’s Biscuits-and-Jam Podcast today. Tonight Michael Ray’s Honky Tonk Tuesday has Clint Black and Brad Paisley’s on Late Night With Seth Meyers.

Finally - Thomas Rhett has written nearly 40 songs during this 60 day quarantine. Thomas feels like he’s been more creative than ever. His new album should be out in a few months.

Monday, June 8, 2020

Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton make Forbes list & Blake Shelton and Gwen seen at Lake of the Ozarks

Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton are the only country stars on Forbes list of the 100 World’s Highest-Paid Celebrities. Luke’s # 62 with an income of $45.5 million and Blake was # 70, making $43.5 million.

Michael Ray started Honkytonk Tuesday to entertain himself during quarantine, but it's turned into a showcase for 90s country stars. His guests have included Mark Wills, Marty Raybon, Phil Vassar, Aaron Tippin and Jeff Carson. The show’s been reaching almost 21,000. This '90s music has also stoked the fire for Michael’s next album that he’s currently working on. He adds Honkytonk Tuesday will not be going away after the quarantine’s over.

Finally - last Thursday, Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani were at Lake of the Ozarks in central Missouri. They spent the day with friends and family and got there on a friend's boat. They ate at the Dog Days Bar & Grill’s top deck that’s reserved for private parties. Then they headed to the Cajun-themed Shorty Pants Lounge where they were seen without masks and they were also photographed not socially-distancing with a few fans.

Friday, June 5, 2020

Thomas Rhett just wants to tour & Garth knocks down a tree

During this time of quarantine Thomas Rhett’s been frustrated he can’t tour. His wife reminded him he’s getting to spend triple the amount of time with his family right now. Thomas says he’s never been home this much in 10 years!

Garth says his therapy during this downtime is working on the farm. The other day he knocked down a tree with a bulldozer and says that's what makes him happy.

When Jake Owen moved to Nashville years ago, he opened an account in a bank on Music Row with the hopes of bumping into someone in the industry. After giving his bank teller a CD demo, she called him a few days later to say she’d passed it on to another customer, the head of Warner Chapel Music Publishing but it still took Jake a year to get a record deal.

Finally - Food Network star Guy Fieri will be on Happy Hour With John Rich on Big & Rich’s Facebook page at 7 CT today. Tomorrow Michael Ray and Carly Pearce play the Opry. It’s on their Facebook or YouTube pages at 7 CT.

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Carrie Underwood's working on a Christmas album & Dierks Bentley guests on Geeks Who Drink

Yesterday Carrie Underwood announced she’s working on a Christmas album that’ll be in stores this holiday season. They usually come out sometime in October.

Jake Owen grew up in Vero Beach, Florida. His mom was Florida’s Watermelon Queen. His grama’s macaroni croquettes are legendary. You press cooked macaroni in a dish, cut it into squares, dip in batter and fry in a cast iron skillet. Then you top with pimento cheese and it gets all melty. It also wasn’t a Sunday meal at grama’s without collard greens and she made sweet tea that Jake drank so much, he says it’s in his blood.

During the lockdown, Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have been homeschooling their daughters. Keith admits Nic’s the better teacher given he was a high school dropout at 15.

Finally - Dierks Bentley will guest on Geeks Who Drink tonight. He’ll play their Pub Trivia and for everyone who joins in, Guinness will donate $1 to a charity that helps those affected by natural disasters. Just head to at 7 CT.

Wednesday, June 3, 2020

CMT Celebrates Our Heroes & Jake Owen guests on the Biscuits and Jam podcast

CMT Celebrates Our Heroes: An Artists of the Year special tonight honoring COVID-19 heroes. Performers include Blake Shelton, Jake Owen, Jason Aldean, Keith Urban, Zac Brown, Lady A, Little Big Town, Luke Combs, Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw, Thomas Rhett, Florida Georgia Line and Kane Brown. It’ll also air on the cable channel TV Land.

Jake Owen was the first guest on the Biscuits and Jam podcast yesterday at Future guests include Kimberly from Little Big Town, Willie Nelson and Brett Eldredge. Jake’s daughter Paris is a year old now and his favorite thing is giving her a bottle every morning. Jake said he’d normally be on the road and calling from his bus in a parking lot so this down time’s been a real blessing.

Tim McGraw’s first acting gig was on Jeff Foxworthy's show and he confesses that was the most nerve-racking thing he's ever done.

Finally - Carrie Underwood
and her husband’s 4-part series, ‘Mike and Carrie: God & Country’ has the 2nd installment tonight on

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Trisha Yearwood’s working on her fourth cookbook & Tim McGraw’s on Late Night With Seth Meyers

Lady A’s Charles Kelley just got done reading, 'It's a Long Story, My Life, Willie Nelson.’ He said, “Willie never gave up even when the odds were obviously stacked against him. At the end Willie talks about love, tolerance and change. That’s hitting pretty close to home right now. A must read!”

Yesterday Maren Morris tweeted, “I never thought being a parent meant getting depressed watching the news then being so happy to turn it off and just hang with my baby.”

Miranda Lambert
says she was never comfortable in her 20s with silence so she was constantly filling space with things, people or projects. Miranda says “now that I’m 36, I recharge by quiet."

Trisha Yearwood’s working on her fourth cookbook. It’ll be comfort food recipes and out next year. Her chief taste tester as always is Garth.

Finally - Tim McGraw’s on Late Night With Seth Meyers tonight on NBC.

Monday, June 1, 2020

Nashville rioting hits the Ryman & Little Big Town perform on The Tonight Show

Nashville had rioting Saturday night as protestors demanded justice for the death of a black man in police custody. They broke windows in several places including The Ryman and John Rich‘s Redneck Rivera and set fire to the courthouse and city hall. Tomorrow several record labels are closing in an act of solidarity with the black community. Thomas Rhett’s the father of one black and two white daughters and tweeted, “we’ve navigated forms of racism directly and I stand with all who have faced it. We will be fighting this fight for the rest of our lives.”

Carrie Underwood shared two TikTok videos this weekend showing what she thinks may be a ghost in their cabin. As Carrie filmed, she thought she detected an extra presence around her and said, ‘who are you? What do you want?" but the place remained quiet.

Saturday Carly Pearce wrote, “5 years ago, I performed on the Opry with no record deal and no songs on the radio. I was an Airbnb cleaner just trying to get my break in Nashville.”

Finally – tonight Little Big Town perform on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Friday, May 29, 2020

Brett Eldredge's charity half marathon's today & Florida Georgia Line are in People magazine

Tim McGraw and Little Big Town will be on United We Sing: A Grammy Salute To The Unsung Heroes. Hosted by Harry Connick, Jr. it’s June 21 on CBS. Viewers can donate to the MusiCares COVID-19 Relief Fund.

After having his own mental health struggles, Brett Eldredge has trained for his own charity half marathon and it happens today. His goal is $500 per mile and you can donate at the Facebook page; Brett Eldredge's Half Marathon for Mental Health America.

Blake Shelton’s Old Red Orlando was supposed to open in April but didn’t due to the pandemic. Now he’ll have an early summer opening. The menu hasn’t been announced but I do know Blake’s signature Champagne of Fried Chicken’s on it.

Carly Pearce is joining ‘Stronger Than You Think’ today at 4:15 CT to sing, chat about her music and also discuss mental health issues teens and young adults face today.

Finally - Florida Georgia Line are in People magazine out today.

Thursday, May 28, 2020

FGL's Tyler is done having kids & Carly Pearce will live chat with fans today

Because of COVID-19, Brad Paisley says he and his wife are going to be the weird old people someday with a closet full of toilet paper.

FGL's Tyler Hubbard and his wife are done having kids after their third child, a son, is due this fall. Zac Brown says being at home now has given him extra time with his five children who range from 13 to 6. Zac’s been quarantining on his property outside Atlanta and he recently made an obstacle course just like in the video game Fortnite. He and his kids have also been going on scavenger hunts.

Glen Campbell’s widow Kim has a tell-all book out June 23, ‘Gentle On My Mind: In Sickness and in Health with Glen Campbell.’ He battled addiction their whole marriage. One time after drinking too much Glen pointed a pistol at her like he was lining up a target then he turned and walked away. Kim said when he wasn’t drinking, Glen was the best guy in the world. She hopes the book will help others know they’re not alone.

Finally – Carly Pearce will live chat with fans on her YouTube channel today at noon CT.

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Carrie Underwood and her husband’s 4-part series debuts tonight & Alan Jackson’s doing Drive-In concerts

Carrie Underwood and her husband’s 4-part series, ‘Mike and Carrie: God & Country’ debuts tonight on It’s a very candid interview that will give us an unfiltered glimpse into what their life is like. It airs Wednesdays thru June 17. This weekend a bird got into their home. Mike had a long pole with a net on it then climbed a ladder because the bird that was at the top of their two story windows. He caught him then Carrie released it into their backyard.

This could be the new trend. Alan Jackson’s launching two Small Town Drive-In concerts in June in Alabama. Only 2,000 vehicles can fit and fans must stay in their cars. Concessions can be ordered by phone and delivered. It’s $99.99 for two passengers and there will also be VIP spots starting at just under $200. 

Brad Paisley and his wife’s grocery store in Nashville lets people who have fallen on hard times shop for free. When the pandemic hit, Belmont University students asked if they could help and now they’re delivering the groceries to people instead. It’s close to 400 bags a week.

Finally - as for dealing with pandemic anxiety Kelsea Ballerini says be around calm people as much as possible. Also get some hobbies and make a “to do” list. Kelsea’s favorite quarantine movie so far is ‘Knives Out.’ She says it’s a murder dinner mystery that’s not too scary.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

thomas rhett binge watcher & dolly loves to cook

During this pandemic, Thomas Rhett said he and his wife have binge watched ‘Outer Banks’ but with three kids now when he goes to bed he’s out in under 30 minutes. Hillary from Lady A has three under the age of 7 and pretty much all they’ve watched is ‘Trolls World Tour.’

Last weekend Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani had a 14th birthday party for her oldest son Kingston in Oklahoma. A source said they celebrated at Blake’s Lake Texoma home with ATVs, fancy water guns, video games and a lot of food that included steak on the BBQ.

Chris Young tweeted, “right now there’s a lot of stress in this world. Try and be kind because we don’t always know what someone is going through.”

Finally - Dolly Parton loves to cook and says her go-to dishes are chicken and dumplings and her mom’s fried chicken. Her recipes are in my previous post.

Dolly Parton Recipes

Dolly Parton’s Chicken and Dumplings
1 (3-lb) chicken
2½ tsp salt
¾ tsp pepper
1 onion, peeled and left whole
¼ cup chopped celery leaves
2 cup all-purpose flour, plus extra for kneading
½ tsp baking soda
3 Tbsp vegetable shortening
¾ cup milk
Combine the chicken and 2 teaspoons of the salt with 2 quarts of water in a Dutch oven. Cover and bring to a boil. Reduce the heat to medium and add the pepper, onion, and celery leaves. Simmer the chicken until the meat falls away from the bone. Remove the chicken and onion from the pot, and strain out the celery leaves. Discard the onion and celery leaves, and set the chicken aside to cool. When the chicken is cool enough to handle, remove the meat from the bones and cut into 1-inch pieces. Set aside. Discard the skin and bones. Meanwhile, raise the heat to high and bring the broth to a boil. Combine the flour, baking soda, and the remaining ½ teaspoon of salt in a medium bowl. Cut in the shortening with a fork and knife or a pastry cutter until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs. Gradually stir in the milk until the dough is moist. Turn the dough out onto a floured surface and lightly knead for about 5 minutes. Roll out to ½-inch thickness and cut into 1½-inch squares. Drop the pieces of dough into the boiling broth. Reduce the heat to low, cover, and cook for 10 minutes. Stir gently. Add the chicken back to the pot, stir, and cook until the chicken is heated through. Serve warm.

Dolly Parton’s Mom’s Fried Chicken
2 Cups Flour
1 Tablespoon Salt
1 Tablespoon Pepper
1 Tablespoon Garlic Powder
1 Teaspoon Paprika
1 Teaspoon Cayenne Pepper
1 Chicken Sectioned
3 Cups Oil (if using a traditional fryer, none needed if using an air fryer)
Turn on the fryer (or air fryer) to 350 degrees. Combine all dry ingredients using a whisk. Rinse the chicken in ice cold water, drain, and add to the flour mixture. Stir until chicken is coated completely then place into the fryer. Cook for 12-15 minutes or until the internal temp of the chicken reaches 165 degrees.

Dolly Parton’s Five-Layer Casserole
3 large unpeeled potatoes, washed and sliced thin
1 lb. extra-lean ground beef, browned and crumbled
2 large onions, sliced and the rings separated
2 large sliced tomatoes, 4 sliced Romas or 15 ounce can diced tomatoes
1 and 1/2 bell peppers, cut into big chunks
Preheat oven to 350. Lightly grease a 2-quart casserole then layer meat, potatoes, onions, tomatoes and peppers. Season each layer with salt to taste. Cover and bake two hours.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Morgan Wallen's arrested in Nashville & Blake Shelton’s on The Tonight Show

Morgan Wallen was arrested in Nashville on Saturday night. He was asked to leave Kid Rock’s Steakhouse after “being disorderly inside of the bar and kicking glass items.” Officers said he smelled of alcohol and had multiple verbal altercations with others. Morgan was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct and will be in court July 1. Yesterday he tweeted, “I went out with a few friends. We were horse-playing with each other. We didn’t mean any harm and we want to say sorry.”

Carrie Underwood posted a bikini photo this weekend. Her abs are amazing and I was trying to figure out who’s are better, Carrie or Tim McGraw? She still keeps a daily food journal and says she’s 95% vegan and occasionally has cheese.

Miranda Lambert recently got some chickens. They live in Coop DeVille and she named them Donna Henley, Betty Crocker, Marhen Morris, Pearl Haggard, Willie Nelshen, Chick Jagger, Tanya Clucker and Martina McFried.

Finally - Blake Shelton’s on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Kenny Chesney’s still paying his employees & Tim and Faith eat an entire bag of nacho cheese Doritos

Even tho Kenny Chesney postponed his tour this year, he’s still paying his 120 employees. Kenny says it costs a lot of money but he takes care of his people.

Besides music, Blake Shelton has a passion for trucks. Growing up his dad sold cars and Blake’s first vehicle was a GMC pickup. Before he was a star, Blake did a commercial for a Ford dealer in Texas.

The other day in quarantine, Tim and Faith ate an entire bag of nacho cheese Doritos with cheese dip and two Coke’s. The next day Tim said he worked hard to sweat out the nacho cheese.

On Sunday, Lady A, Thomas Rhett, FGL, Brantley Gilbert, Justin Moore, Brett Young and Carly Pearce perform the national anthem on NBC’s Indy 500 Special: Back Home Again.

Finally - Chris Young goes live on Instagram at 5 CT. Lady A are live on YouTube at 8 and Florida Georgia Line has a 6 tune EP out today.

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Jason Aldean postpones 2020 tour & Kane Brown’s daughter reaches a milestone

Jason Aldean will postpone his 2020 tour and he’ll have the new dates up as soon as possible. He says they’ll be back bigger and louder than ever in 2021. Tim McGraw also cancelled his tour.

Kane Brown’s daughter Kingsley is 6-months-old now. Being in quarantine means he hasn’t missed any milestones like this week when her first tooth broke through. Kane’s wife writes, “hopefully she’ll still want to lay in bed and watch movies with me when she’s a teenager.”

Luke Combs pet peeve with his fiancé Nicole is she gets mad at him for nothing. She says Luke’s no saint. He leaves dirty clothes in a room she just cleaned.

Chris Janson’s very frugal and says the reason he loves his old dented pick-up is because he outright owns it.

Finally - buying a home in 2018 was the biggest splurge of Dustin Lynch’s career. He says he’s come a long way from doing frat parties and playing for tips on Broadway in Nashville.

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Blake Shelton won The Voice & how Keith Urban's wife broke her ankle

Blake Shelton’s guy Todd Tilghman won The Voice last night giving Blake his 7th show win. Tonight Blake’s on Jay Leno's Garage on CNBC where he gets to drive a truck once owned by Elvis.

Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, Carly Pearce and Tim & Faith are part of 40 performing on CMT’s Feed the Front Line today. It’s on their Facebook and YouTube pages three times, 9 AM CT, 1 and 7. They’re raising money to help feed front-line workers in Nashville. The McGraw’s 21-year-old daughter Maggie helped organize the show.

We now know how Keith Urban's wife Nicole Kidman broke her ankle. 5-weeks-ago she was running in their neighborhood and didn't see a pothole. Nic rolled her ankle and she got a small break in it.

Finally - yesterday Lady Antebellum canceled their 2020 tour, so did Thomas Rhett but he already has the new dates at or you can get a full refund till June 19. Rascal Flatts and Sam Hunt also cancelled their tours.

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

woman calls 911 saying Blake Shelton was trying to kill her & Michael Ray’s Honky Tonk Tuesday concert’s tonight

A 48-year-old Tennessee woman was arrested yesterday for repeatedly calling 911 saying Blake Shelton was trying to kill her. Police arrived at her camper and found her speech slurred and an open bottle of vodka. She also claimed she was dating Eric Church and Dolly Parton was flying in to visit her. You can see Blake on The Voice season finale tonight.

Miranda Lambert and her husband took a camping trip in their new Airstream to see family in New York. Miranda mostly drove with Brendan navigating. They stayed at KOA campgrounds and made her dads Campfire Casserole in a Dutch oven on the fire.

Thomas Rhett’s daughter Ada passed the virtual Toddle Challenge but Jason Aldean’s son, Memphis did not. He tasted the frosting on his chocolate donut before mom came back.

Michael Ray’s Honky Tonk Tuesday concert’s tonight at 7 CT on his Facebook page. 
Tim McGraw’s on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight.

Finally – while in quarantine, Trisha Yearwood’s started mowing her lawn and says it’s good therapy.

Monday, May 18, 2020

blake throws shade on luke & FGL are on NBC’s Songland tonight

NASCAR was back Sunday and Blake Shelton was thrilled! Drivers were pre-screened for symptoms and temperatures before racing then tested again at the track. No fans were allowed to watch and Blake joked that’s what it’s like at a Luke Bryan concert. Tonight is part 1 of The Voice finale. Speaking of Blake, he’ll be on Jay Leno's Garage Wednesday on CNBC. They’re at the famous Formosa Cafe and Blake eats Elvis's favorite meal, a fried peanut butter, bacon & banana sandwich.

We don’t know how, but Keith Urban’s wife Nicole Kidman broke her ankle while self-isolating at home in Nashville. She’s wearing a walking cast and Keith calls her 'a trooper.'

Florida Georgia Line
are on NBC’s Songland tonight. This weekend Tyler’s wife gave social media's Toddler Challenge to their 3-year-old Liv. She put a handful of chocolate chips in front of her, told her not to eat them, then left the room for three minutes. Liv didn’t eat one tho you could tell she really wanted to.

Finally - George Strait’s 68 today. Tonight Old Dominion perform on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Friday, May 15, 2020

kenny chesney and maren morris postpone & keith urban's on the opry saturday

Kenny Chesney’s had to postpone his Chillaxification Tour until 2021. He just couldn’t find a way to make it safe and will soon have those dates rescheduled. Original tickets will be valid or you could also get a refund. Maren Morris is also postponing her headlining tour until next spring. Her rescheduled dates will all be at the same venues so tickets will be valid at the door.

Brad Paisley and his band play live tonight on his Facebook page at 8 CT along with Lady Antebellum. On Saturday night’s Opry, Keith Urban will sing so will Kelsea Ballerini and her husband Morgan Evans. It’s on the Circle All Access YouTube page. Sunday's finale of American Idol includes performances from Rascal Flatts, Luke Bryan, Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina.

Keith Urban had a private show last night in Watertown, TN at Stardust Drive-In. It was for the frontline workers at Vanderbilt Health and the Children's Hospital there.

Finally - Thomas Rhett's daughter Willa Gray calls him 'The King.'

Thursday, May 14, 2020

brett young shares a secret & chris stapleton gives away an airstream

During a doctor's visit when Brett Young’s wife was pregnant, he recorded the baby's heartbeat on his phone. You can now hear it during the first 10 seconds of Brett’s new tune, ‘Lady.’

Ben & Erin from HGTV’s 'Home Town,' met Chris Stapleton at his concert two years ago. He hired them to remodel an Airstream but when he couldn't decide what to do with it, he gifted it to Ben and Erin. They’ve now named it Jolene after Dolly Parton.

Tim McGraw recently turned 55 and says once you hit 50 it doesn’t matter anymore so he’s stopped counting birthdays. But Tim adds, he is embracing his new age.

Less than two months after giving birth, Maren Morris is getting back into working out again with her trainer. Right now Maren’s doing basic lunges, squats & lightweight training.

Finally – Dustin Lynch is 35 today. Tonight Kane Brown’s on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

The Eli Young Band does first drive-in concert & Carly Pearce plays for southwest airlines

Kane Brown, Luke Combs, Sam Hunt, Carrie Underwood and Tim McGraw have been added to perform on CMT Celebrates Our Heroes: An Artists of the Year Special June 3. The two-hour special features at-home tributes, callouts and performances to honor COVID-19 heroes.

Zac Brown lives full time in Homer, Alaska and last year he tried to remove an easement that lets people get too close to his property, but city officials said no. Now Zac says people can look right into his windows if they want.

Tonight on Southwest Airlines twitter page, Carly Pearce is one of the artists in a virtual performance to support Covid front-line groups like the Red Cross.

Finally - drive-in movies are big again and now we have our first drive-in concerts. The Eli Young Band will perform a drive-in show at Globe Life Park in Arlington, Texas June 4. It’s $40 per car and only 400 cars will be allowed on the field. Pat Green plays June 5 then the Josh Abbot Band and Kevin Fowler June 7.

Tuesday, May 12, 2020

Jake Owen will send you a personalized message & Zac Brown's a wedding singer

The website Cameo’s become very popular during quarantine. They have singers, actors, athletes, models and more that will send you a personalized greeting. Jake Owen charges $150. Carly Pearce and hubby Michael Ray each ask $30. Scotty McCreery charges $100 to send a greeting and Chase Rice is $150. I think because he was also on Survivor.

Zac Brown was the wedding singer on the Zoom wedding actor John Krasinski officiated on his YouTube series, Some Good News. Zac sang a new tune he wrote, ‘The Man Who Loves You the Most.’ He says the band will release it sometime this summer.

Kenny Chesney’s home in Franklin, TN is on Lake Valley Drive with 37 acres. The house is just over 11,000 sq ft. it includes a state of the art theater, billiard room, 11 bathrooms, a wine cellar and an elevator to every floor. There’s also a 6 car garage, infinity pool and spa plus a private pond with a dock and a helipad and look-out tower. It’s gated but the road’s just feet away from his front door.

Finally - while in quarantine, Luke Combs got some chickens but they keep escaping.

Monday, May 11, 2020

Trisha Yearwood sponsors a baby elephant & Kane Brown performs on The Voice

Keith Urban reveals life in quarantine means drinking several cups of coffee a day and driving to get out of the house. Driving’s always been a great form of inspiration for him. Keith’s new album, ‘The Speed Of Now Part 1’ will be out September 18.

This weekend, Trisha Yearwood tweeted, “these commercials are getting me...might be the quarantine, but so far I have ordered a razor with a light on it, an air blasting cup and I’ve sponsored a baby elephant.”

Because he’s spent over 30 years in hotels, Tim McGraw says he never learned how to clean up and Faith’s a neat freak so he gets on her nerves about that. Tim’s felt his guitar skills were slipping away before quarantine so that’s what he’s been doing lately. He’s also still working out a lot but is now taking a few days off a week. Tim adds he does have to work out a little harder on the days Faith’s in the kitchen because she’s such an amazing cook. Quarantine has not been a problem for the McGraw’s because they’re both homebodies. 

Little Richard died this weekend. He also had ties to Nashville. In the last decade, he lived in Lynchburg, TN and in the Nashville penthouse of the downtown Hilton Lower Broadway, overlooking his star on the Music City Walk of Fame. Locals frequently saw him at the drive-thru of Wendy’s and other fast food places on West End Avenue. 60 years prior he played nightclubs on Jefferson Street. Fans often saw him in the elevator when he attended music industry events around town the past several years.

Finally - Kane Brown performs on The Voice tonight.

Friday, May 8, 2020

jason aldean evacuated from florida home & blake and gwen buy a home

Wednesday night, a wildfire started in Florida's Panhandle, destroying 18 homes and forcing over 500 to evacuate including Jason Aldean, Chris Janson and Lady A’s Charles Kelly. Luke Bryan also has a place there but they’ve been quarantining in Nashville.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani just bought their first house; a $13.2 million dollar, 1.6-acre estate in Encino, CA. The deal was done off-market. It’s 13,000 sq ft, three floors and has a massive backyard pool. Saturday night Blake and Gwen sing on the Opry and it’ll stream on the Facebook and YouTube channels of Circle All Access.

Kenny Chesney reveals he quarantined for a week on his boat and said there's no better place cause nobody’s around. I also found out Kenny’s so particular about his laundry, he won’t let anyone else do it.

Finally - Thomas Rhett’s wife Lauren’s on Talk Shop Live and Instagram at 2 CT today to talk about her upcoming book. Miranda Lambert performs on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and Monday Luke Combs is on Good Morning America’s 8 AM hour.

Thursday, May 7, 2020

Words With Garth is out & Brett Young performs tomorrow on the today show

Garth Brooks and Words With Friends have created Words With Garth that he calls “stupid fun.” The one person Garth says he won’t play is Trisha cause he knows she’ll beat him every time!

Dustin Lynch
lives on a farm in Nashville and he’s been restoring the land using his college biology degree. He’s planted oak trees, soybeans and clover. Dustin hopes one day to have his own line of honey.

Zac Brown Band sings on Verizon's Pay It Forward Live tonight at 7 CT on their Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Tomorrow Brett Young will perform his new single, ‘Lady,’ on NBC's Today show.

Finally - when Thomas Rhett’s home, he rarely wears a shirt and says it’s mostly cause his 2-month-old daughter Lennon spits up on him multiple times a day.

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Miranda Lambert’s farm hit by 71-mph winds & Luke Combs has a concert tonight

Storms rolled thru Nashville a few days ago and Miranda Lambert’s farm was hit by 71-mph winds. Thankfully no one was hurt, including animals and structures but a ton of huge old trees were uprooted and snapped in half. They also lost power for several hours.

Dierks Bentley as Doug from Hot Country Knights will do a live Q & A on Amazon Music’s Facebook page at 1 CT today. Brad Paisley and his band are getting back together tonight at 6 CT on Facebook then he’ll be on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. At 7, Luke Combs has a concert and Q & A on all of his social’s to benefit

Brett Young’s quarantine essentials include movies. He recently watched all five 'Rocky' films in one sitting and did it twice over two weeks. He watches in bed with an IPad and headphones so he won’t wake the baby. Brett says fresh air and walks are also a must!

Finally - Blake Shelton has an hour-long concert special from 2010 tonight on YouTube at 7 CT.

Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Dwight Yoakam married for the first time & Dolly's the 2020 Tennessean of the Year

Kenny Chesney’s at home in Nashville doing stuff around the house like we are. He’s also been watching old games on ESPN like the 1997 World Series. As for his tour this year Kenny says he’ll do his best to reschedule the dates he’s already had to cancel.

Last weekend Jason Aldean and his wife threw a surprise prom for his 17-year-old daughter, Keeley. They decorated the patio at their beach house in Florida and dined on take-out from P.F. Chang's.

63-year-old Dwight Yoakam married for the first time in March to Emily Joyce in California. Less than 10 attended and they sat six feet apart. They met in 2010 and Emily’s an actress and a photographer. Dwight’s past girlfriends include Wynonna actresses Bridget Fonda and Sharon Stone. After she broke up with him Sharon called Dwight a ‘dirt sandwich.’

Finally - the Tennessee Sports Hall of Fame has named Dolly the 2020 Tennessean of the Year. Dolly says, “this may come as a shock, but I’m not very athletic tho I have supported all our athletics through the years.”

Monday, May 4, 2020

Blake Shelton's part of a nascar event & Miranda Lambert gets a new Airstream

Sunday afternoon, NASCAR's Pro Invitational Series had an event at a virtual Dover International Speedway. Blake Shelton was the grand marshal and from his home in Oklahoma said, “gentlemen, start your engines!" David Hasselhoff sang the National Anthem which many fans said he destroyed and Blake should have sang it instead.

Miranda Lambert’s realized she wants to travel more for pleasure so she and her husband bought a 2020 Airstream Globetrotter this weekend they named, ‘The Sheriff.’ Miranda has a few vintage Airstream’s so this is her first new one. They start at $120,000.

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman served high tea to their daughters this weekend. It included freshly baked scones and a pot of strawberry jam.

Finally - Jon Pardi’s quarantine includes clearing part of his 40 acres to get ready for cows next year. He also set up a tent and a campfire. Jon says that helps with the stress. Their down time included smores and a firework show from stuff he found in the garage. It was pretty impressive!

Friday, May 1, 2020

Kenny Chesney goes live tonight & Saturday night Garth and Trisha perform on the Opry

Kenny Chesney’s ‘Here and Now’ is out today and he’ll livestream from his home at 6 PM CT on Facebook or Also out, Dierks Bentley’s 90s band, Hot Country Knights debut album, ‘The K Is Silent’ with guest vocals from Terri Clark and Travis Tritt.

Luke Bryan’s wife climbed into a kitchen cupboard and while Luke was looking for something in the fridge, she opened the door and screamed. He was so startled he threw his beer back over his shoulder. It was payback for making her fall off her bike. Luke and Caroline are on comedian Josh Wolf’s Facebook page today at 3 CT.

Today at noon CT, Kane Brown is on fixyourhearttv on Instagram for an inspirational interview. Tonight Luke Combs is live on all his social’s at 7 CT to raise money for bartenders and waiters. Saturday night Garth and Trisha perform on the Opry at 7 CT and we can watch on both of their Facebook pages.

Finally - Tim McGraw is 53 today. He also wants video clips of moms for his new tune, “I Called Mama.’ Submissions are due today at

Thursday, April 30, 2020

Thomas Rhett's on The Kelly Clarkson Show today & michael ray and carly go live on instagram

Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren are on The Kelly Clarkson Show today from their home in Nashville. Thomas will perform and Lauren’s gonna talk about her upcoming book that’s out August 18.

In February Florida Georgia Line posted on social media practically begging Carrie Underwood to collab with them. Now we hear Carrie said she'd love to but she just doesn't have the time.

Carly Pearce will be on the Country Music Hall of Fame's Instagram Live today at 2 CT. Her husband Michael Ray will take over the Opry's Instagram page at 6. Also Matt Stell plays live on Facebook at 5:30 CT. I also hear Facebook will soon let artists charge for live videos if they want. Facebook will also expand their Stars tipping option, so singers can get a penny for every time a fan clicks on a star imogi.

Finally - Nicole Kidman’s revealed what her nickname for husband Keith Urban is, "mellow muso." Muso is Australian slang for musician.

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Kane Brown is quarantining with his mother-in-law. & Willie Nelson is 87 today

Kane Brown is quarantining with his wife, daughter and his mother-in-law. Because of that Kane’s had to relocate his man-cave to his wife's closet. The backdrop for his video game setup are Katelyn's clothes and shoes.

Even with COVID-19, Luke Combs wedding date is still fine as of right now so it must be sometime this fall. He says they’re currently picking out napkins and stuff like that. Luke says his main job is picking the music and his official title is ‘good time engineer.’

Nicole Kidman knew Keith Urban was the one when they met at an industry event but it was after he took her for a ride on his Harley to Woodstock, New York that she fell in love. He even made a picnic for their trip. Nic says Keith balances her out as he’s “pretty much the flip side of neurotic.”

Finally - Willie Nelson is 87 today and Michael Ray turns 32. Luke Bryan’s on The View and Live with Kelly and Ryan. Brad Paisley’s on The Talk. Carly Pearce performs on Billboard’s Facebook page at noon CT then at 4 CT she goes live with Pandora.

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

the ACM Awards head to Nashville & Eric Church won’t tour until there's a coronavirus vaccine

For the first time ever, the ACM Awards will be live from Nashville September 16 on CBS. It will include multiple venues like the Opry House, Ryman Auditorium and the Bluebird Café. Keith Urban will still host but no word yet if an audience will be there.

Luke Combs will have a concert this weekend to raise money for bartenders and waiters who are out of work right now. The stream will be on all of Luke's socials at 7 PM CT Friday and you can donate by going to

Eric Church won’t tour again until a coronavirus vaccine has been found. He says he’s willing to wait as long as it takes for concerts to be safe again.

Scotty McCreery’s selling his Somewhere in Quarantine Tour T-Shirt. Part of the proceeds go to the MusiCares Covid-19 Relief Fund and you can get the shirt at

Finally - Justin Moore and his wife will soon put a garden in. They live in Arkansas with their four children under the age of 10, three dogs; two are Great Danes, three horses, three cows and two cats.

Monday, April 27, 2020

we sadly lost a legend

We lost a legend a few days ago, Harolf from the Statler Brothers. Read more here.

luke bryan lights twitter up & Kenny Chesney will livestream from his home May 1

Luke Bryan’s NFL Draft performance Saturday lit Twitter up. Football fans didn’t appreciate him cutting in and wrote, “does Luke Bryan just repeat the same phrase over and over in all his songs? I hate country but he seems worse than most.” Another added, “I seriously doubt Luke Bryan could win any given local county fair talent contest.”

Kenny Chesney will kick off the release of his new album, ‘Here and Now,’ with a livestream from his home May 1. He’ll answer questions and more on either his Facebook page or

While making face masks to give out during the pandemic, a Houston resident also sent some to Willie Nelson. He ended up signing them so she could auction them off and use the money to make more.

Finally - Kane Brown's daughter Kingsley is almost 6 months old and Kane says she just found her tongue, so she sticks it out all the time. Being in quarantine, Kane’s not missing any of her milestones and says he can’t wait for her to start crawling and her first words.

Friday, April 24, 2020

Luke Bryan performs on saturday's NFL draft & 90s country stars play live today

Luke Bryan will perform 'Play it Again' Saturday during the NFL draft at 11 AM CT on ESPN, the NFL Network and ABC. Speaking of Luke, Sunday night, American Idol returns. The show will be live-to-tape so producers can edit footage. The twist is there’s only four episodes meaning multiple eliminations. Sunday night 20 are cut to 10. Producers say it’ll be more cutthroat with less room for error.

Happy 30th birthday to Carly Pierce today. At 16, Carly started singing at Dollywood so she and her parents moved to Pigeon Forge, TN. She performed there five times a week and did several shows a day. Carly was also told to lose weight while working at Dollywood.

90s country stars play live on CMT’s Facebook page today at noon CT. There will be songs and stories from Collin Raye, Aaron Tippin, Pam Tillis, Lorrie Morgan, Terri Clark, Billy Dean and more.

Finally – Cameron from Midland's wife had their daughter Saturday. They named her Billie Pierre and she joins 4-year-old brother, Kitt Cassidy.

Thursday, April 23, 2020

Garth Brooks has a new job & Carly Pearce is live on Instagram today

Garth Brooks is his family’s designated grocery shopper and he loves the job! He says Nashville now has aisles that only go one way and there’s also lines at the checkout to keep people 6 feet apart.

To celebrate ‘I Hope You’re Happy Now’ hitting the Top 10, Carly Pearce and Lee Brice will have a show on Carly’s Instagram page today at 5 CT.

Dan from Dan + Shay has four rescue dogs and he and Shay use their music to raise money for shelter animals in Nashville. Dan’s dogs are always on the road and he says they’ve been to more states than most people have.

Chris Janson wrote a tune about the Covid pandemic called, ‘Put Me Back To Work.’ For the tunes upcoming video Chris is asking you to send pictures of real people working.

Finally - Dolly Parton starts her day at 3 AM with coffee, toast & jelly. After that she works out and does a little writing.

Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Midland are on YouTube today & maren morris answers internet troll

Maren Morris shared a makeup-free selfie on Instagram yesterday and some guy wrote, “stop with the Botox.” Maren told him he was wrong. She also shared that she and her husband just watched their hundredth episode of The Office.

We may have a new duo; Lady A’s Dave Haywood and his wife Kelli. They posted a video with a parody to Phil Vasser’s ‘Just Another Day in Paradise;’ Just Another Day In Quarantine.’ Bandmate
 Charles Kelley wrote, “now I know why you haven’t answered my texts. This is gold!” When they got married 8-years-ago, Kelli was VP of marketing/brand management for Warner Music Nashville.

I wonder if Shania and her husband are sheltering at their home in the Bahamas. It’s on the island of New Providence in a gated community. It’s 7,000 square feet with 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms and an acre of sandy white beach. They paid around 11 million dollars. They also have a mansion in Switzerland overlooking Lake Geneva.

Finally - Midland are on YouTube today at noon CT.

Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Luke Combs just got chickens * Michael ray goes live tonight

Luke Combs and his fiancé are sheltering at their Tennessee home. He does things around the house, writes songs and they just got chickens. They also planted a garden and Luke says he finds joy in the quiet. They can’t see any neighbors. Luke’s day includes hunting, riding ATVs and looking for morel mushrooms in the woods.

Brett Eldredge’s album, ‘Sunday Drive’ is out July 10. He’s currently training for a marathon or at least a half marathon. After several weeks now, he’s built up to 9-miles a day. Brett says he’ll make his own marathon if he has to. He’s also been playing piano a lot and doing video games.

If Jake Owen ever has to fill out an application maybe for a new doctor, I always wondered how he fills out the occupation part. He puts down entertainer. If it asks for employer, Jake always writes self-employed.

Michael Ray and friends play their Honky Tonk Tuesday tonight 7 CT on Instagram Live.

High Valley has a 6-tune EP, ‘Grew Up On That’ out May 22. Yesterday Brad and Curtis also shared they’re cancelling their Canadian tour with Eli Young Band that was going to kick off in May.

Finally - Shania’s one of several artists participating in a Canadian benefit show for those affected by the pandemic. ‘Stronger Together’ will air across TV, radio and streaming platforms April 26. Shania will also perform on an online concert, Canada Together, tonight at 6:30 CT.

Monday, April 20, 2020

Keith Urban gets a haircut & Willie Nelson's on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

Keith Urban performed Saturday night on One World: Together at Home but what stole the show was his hair. Looks like Nicole gave him a pixie like bob where the back and front are the same length. It’s as long as where the top of the ear is.

This weekend Carly Pearce tweeted, “it’s officially the last week of my 20s. I’ve discovered I have way more gray hair than I thought & I just ordered stronger wrinkle cream.”

Blake Shelton’s on his Oklahoma ranch with Gwen, her three sons and her brother and his wife. Blake says they’re very self-sufficient there. Gwen’s learned to make sourdough bread and they’ve been planting a garden and Blake’s building a fence.

During this pandemic, Miranda Lambert’s learned how important home is. She’s been working on a garden and teaching her New York husband how to fish. 

Tenille Townes performs on American Songwriter magazines Facebook page at 2 CT today.

Finally - tonight Willie Nelson and his sons Lukas and Micah are on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.

Friday, April 17, 2020

Brad Paisley dyes his wife's hair & Brett Eldredge has a new single out

Brad Paisley helped his wife Kimberly color her hair yesterday. As he applied dye to her roots he said, “this is gonna ruin everything I’ve worked toward in my image.’ Kim said, “thank you. I love you,” to which Brad replied, “no you don’t. You’re using me for my talents.” Brad acted like it was his first time but I could tell he’s done it before. He got no dye on her forehead, that’s a rookie mistake and he went along her hair line like a pro! Saturday night if you set up a Zoom party and invite Brad at 615-235-5921, he’ll crash as many as he can. 

Keith Urban, Maren Morris and Lady A perform on One World: Together At Home, Saturday to fight COVID-19. It airs on ABC, NBC, CBS, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and more. The digital streams start at 2 PM ET Saturday and the networks start at eight.

Brett Eldredge has a new single out today, ‘Gabrielle,’ almost 2-years since his last one. It’s about a love that didn’t work out and Brett says it’s something that happened to him. The album it’s on is ‘Sunday Drive’ and you can pre-order that now.

Finally - American Idol has moved to at-home performances. Luke Bryan will appear from his house in Nashville. The show airs Sunday on ABC.

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Lauren Alaina on breaking her toes & Kane Brown gets into poison ivy

Lauren Alaina broke two toes taking the trash out at night in the rain. On her way back in she grabbed a light she’d left on the porch then slipped. In making sure the light didn’t break Lauren broke her toes instead. The middle one was just hanging so she made a splint with some cardboard. Doctors said that toe will take 12 weeks to heal.

Kane Brown was out on his property yesterday. He said a few days ago it’s really wooded and yesterday he ran into some poison ivy.

Luke Combs debuted a new song last night, ‘Six Feet Apart.” He wrote, "it's a mystery I suppose / Just how long this thing goes / there will be light after dark / Someday when we aren't six feet apart."

Jake Owen’s
been doing nightly elementary school trivia with his first grader Pearl on Zoom along with a few of her friends. Jake says his trivia also includes sound effects.

Tyler from Florida Georgia Line’s
in awe over his wife Hayley’s clothes folding skills.

Finally - Thomas Rhett and Little Big Town are on ABC’s Disney Family Singalong tonight.