Thursday, April 25, 2019

Carrie Underwood’s looking for rappers & Luke Bryan will join ABC’s coverage of the NFL Draft tonight

Carrie Underwood’s tour kicks off May 1. Yesterday she announced one fan from each stop will join her to rap the Ludacris part on ‘The Champion.’ To enter, you have to know the entire rap portion and submit a video to  

Jason Aldean and his wife have agreed to disagree. He’s an avid hunter, she hates that so they've come to the point where he just doesn’t talk about it anymore because she goes crazy when he does. As for the dream home they’re now building, it will have a massive closet for her with its own staircase.  

Tonight at 7 CT, Luke Bryan will join ABC’s coverage of the NFL Draft, live from downtown Nashville.  

Finally - Lee Brice has landed a role in Kellie Pickler’s Hallmark movie, ‘Wedding at Graceland.’ We don’t have details on what Lee’s role is yet but I do know there will be one more in the Graceland series that has to do with a honeymoon.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are pretty strict parents & Midland have 8 guys packed on one bus

We know Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and Luke Bryan recently had dinner in Hollywood. I found out they spent their time catching up and talking about family and Luke said, “it was fun hanging with them and seeing them so happy.”

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman are pretty strict parents. Their daughters Sunday and Faith are 8 and 10 and they don’t have a phone or an Instagram account. Keith and Nic also keep them out of the limelight. Both girls are interested in music too; Sunday plays piano and Faith is learning the violin.

Midland are still a young band, so they have 8 guys packed on one bus. The toys they bring are simple; baseball mitts, bats and footballs. One day they fantasize about having a helicopter pad on top of the bus.

Finally - Tyler from Florida Georgia Line is addicted to NBC’s This Is Us but he’s also a huge fan of old Dallas reruns.

Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Old Dominion borrow some of Kenny Chesney’s ideas & Sara Evans and her children perform today on Pickler & Ben

After several summers opening for Kenny Chesney, Old Dominion's on their own headlining tour. They admit they've borrowed some of Kenny’s ideas like a backstage vibe room. The guys say Kenny also taught them the right way to treat the people that work for you.  

When Jon Pardi goes home to California, he likes to play golf. As for his favorite PGA player, Jon said he really likes Jake Owen’s good friend, Jordan Spieth.  

Years ago, Garth signed a minor league contract with the Padres and the Mets and he also did a guest stint with the Royals. Garth says, “half the people in the park are for you, the rest hate you and people also yelled, ‘and I hate your music too.”  

Newcomer Chris Lane opened for Kenny Chesney last summer and he says that motivated him to find some great songs for his next record. After hearing almost 300 tunes, Chris narrowed it down to 14.  

Finally - Sara Evans and her children Avery and Olivia perform today on Pickler & Ben.