Thursday, July 27, 2017

will Luke Bryan judge on American Idol aND brantley gilbert can't stop crying

Luke Bryan is among the stars being considered to join Katy Perry as a judge on American Idol in 2018. Keith Urban's name has also come up. 

Brantley Gilbert’s wife is due soon with their son and he’ll be in the delivery room. His dad passed out there when Brantley was born and he says, “if that’s hereditary, we may be in trouble.” Brantley’s been extra emotional lately and says he can’t look at an ultrasound without crying. 

Carrie Underwood says her favorite things to eat include cereal without any milk and Tofurky sandwiches. 

When Dierks Bentley moved to Nashville in 1994, he played for tips on Music Row. Dierks says, “whenever I go down now and play, it’s pretty cool but the people who sing there for a living I could not do because they pretty much have to know every song.” 

Finally - Jason Aldean is working on a new album and he’ll be putting the finishing touches on it in a couple weeks. His wife’s expecting a baby boy soon and Jason says he’s excited to do all of his son’s Christmas shopping this year at Tractor Supply.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

CMT Crossroads pairs FGL & the Backstreet Boys and Kelsea Ballerini has a date for her next album

CMT’s next Crossroads pairing, Florida Georgia Line and the Backstreet Boys airs August 30. 

Keith Urban says he’s very absent minded and even tho he knows how to play 4-million songs, he can lose his car keys in a minute. 

Kelsea Ballerini’s next album, ‘Unapologetically’ will be out November 3. I also hear Kelsea has an embarrassing story from when she was new in Nashville. During a writing session she ran into one of her idols in the hallway and introduced herself. He didn’t quite hear her name so she said, ‘I’m Kelsea Ballerini, like tortellini the noodle.’ After that her friends nicknamed her ‘Noodle.’ 

Carrie Underwood’s kept a food journal for years and she calls herself a bottomless pit that can out-eat everyone she knows. Carrie says she has no sensor between her stomach and brain to tell her to stop eating so tracking what she eats helps her make better choices. 

Finally – growing up Miranda Lambert played shortstop on her Little League softball team and in the sixth grade, she was voted most likely to become a country singer.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

garth pays for unborn babies college and thomas rhett's working on new LP

A few days ago, Garth invited parents-to-be Katie and Wes to the front of the stage to reveal the gender of their baby they planned to name Brooks. Turns out it’ll be a girl and Garth said if he’s still alive when Brooks goes to college, he’ll pay for it. 

Thomas Rhett’s working on a new album he says is very nostalgic. It talks about high school and college days, his new daughter Willa and his unborn daughter due next month. As for Lauren’s pregnancy, Thomas says she loves ice cream so they keep the freezer stocked with it. 

Brett Eldredge’s dog Edgar has been on stage a few times during a show and doesn’t like it so Brett’s working to help him overcome stage fright. 

Carrie Underwood says mornings are so busy with a 2-year-old they often eat frozen breakfast burritos. 

Today and tomorrow Lady A’s Hillary Scott‏ is on HSN previewing her LaBellum clothing line. 

Finally - Sara Evans and her daughter Olivia perform on Live with Kelly & Ryan today and tonight Kelsea Ballerini sings on The Tonight Show.