Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Eric Church will sing at the Super Bowl & Luke Combs performs at the Daytona 500

Eric Church will join R & B singer Jazmine Sullivan to sing the National Anthem at the Super Bowl February 7. It’ll be on the CBS Kick-Off Show.

Luke Combs will sing at the pre-race show of the Daytona 500 February 14 on FOX. Luke grew up watching NASCAR every Sunday with his granddad so this is quite an honor for him. Fans will be there but limited due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Several country stars are part of a charity auction to raise money for things like schools in Tennessee. Auction items include concert tickets to a future Luke Combs show plus an autographed guitar. Keith Urban also donated a signed guitar and Jon Pardi autographed a poster and a CD.

Finally - Tim McGraw and Tyler Hubbard perform their new tune, ‘Undivided,’ on tonight’s Celebrating America special. It’ll be on all the networks plus YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Garth will also perform.

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

garth has an honor tomorrow & Carrie Underwood performs at gospel show

Garth will perform at Joe Biden's inauguration tomorrow. He says it’s not a political statement but one of unity. Garth has played for every president since Carter, with the exception of Reagan and says no matter who the president-elect is, it's an honor to be asked. 

Keith Urban says his last meal would include a great steak and listening to the Beach Boys, ‘God Only Knows.’ Keith thinks it’s so well written and calls it one of the greatest love songs ever.

When Blake Shelton first got to Nashville he played at Jack’s Guitar Bar. Blake said, “back then it wasn’t like it is now and you did not want to be downtown after dark in the 90s.”

Carrie Underwood will perform at gospel singer CeCe Winans concert February 21 on Compassion Live. Carrie’s first gospel album ‘My Savior’ will be out at Easter.

Finally – happy 75th birthday to Dolly Parton today.

Monday, January 18, 2021

Luke Bryan's duck hunting date & Eric Church says he’ll be back on the road this year

Luke Bryan and his wife went on a duck hunting date this weekend. I don’t know how but Luke got their Polaris stuck in brown water that filled the cabin up to the vehicle’s seat. His wife sarcastically said, “this date’s going great.”

Blake Shelton joked about gaining 117 pounds during quarantine. He says he wants to lose 20 before he marries Gwen. So he doesn’t let people down, Blake’s now changed his goal to losing 10 pounds. As for his quarantine mullet Blake cut it off saying, “you can't be fat and have a mullet.”

I have two of the crazy on-line rumors about Kenny Chesney. His staffers must say “the pearl is in the river” to get into his dressing room. It’s a line from the Chevy Chase film, ‘Under the Rainbow.’ The rumor that’s been around forever tho is Kenny was born with a tail but it was removed at birth. Supposedly these tails run in Kenny's family.

Finally - Eric Church misses playing concerts and says he’s confident he’ll be back on the road this year. Eric thinks he was born to play live shows!

Friday, January 15, 2021

Carrie Underwood has secret talent & Morgan Wallen’s planning on a break

Carrie Underwood’s secret talent is organizing things. She’ll work on one space, one drawer, or an area at a time. Carrie sometimes takes everything out of her pantry and puts it back in the way it should go. She says “if you’re not going to eat it, If you haven’t worn it in a year, let it go and you feel so much lighter afterwards.” 

Morgan Wallen’s planning on a break after a busy season of putting together his recent album. He’ll be using the hiatus to focus on raising his six-month-old son, Indigo Wilder but Morgan calls him Indie. His mom says he’s just like Morgan in how he looks and how he acts. 

Miranda Lambert says her Nashville farm and animals help her unwind. She also wears no makeup and is in the same clothes for three days.

Finally - while studying in California at Butte Junior College, Jon Pardi entered a contest to write a song about not driving and driving. He won and his prize was $300. He used all of it to money to buy a P.A. system for his college band.

Thursday, January 14, 2021

Lindsay Ell just adopted a puppy & Garth will receive a Kennedy Center Honor

A Tennessee State Representative has introduced a bill that would bring a Dolly Parton statue to the capitol. If passed, the statue would be on the capitol grounds facing the direction of the Ryman.

Lindsay Ell just adopted a puppy. She’s wanted a dog for years but didn’t feel like she could because of touring. She named her female pup Hendrix and I hear friends of hers from Nashville drove to New Orleans to pick Hendrix up.

Growing up Carrie Underwood’s job on the farm was when a fence got trampled by a cow or the wind blew it down if dad was out of town, Carrie had to help rig the fence up till he got home. At her property outside Nashville, Carrie’s sons help feed their horses and chickens and they even collect eggs.

Finally - Garth is among the artists who will receive 2021 Kennedy Center Honors. It’ll air June 6. The ceremony will be held during multiple events so they can physically distance audiences.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

morgan wallen breaks big records & luke combs likes to give cars away

In just a few days, Morgan Wallen’s double album, ‘Dangerous’ has over 100 million audio streams, the most single-week streams for a country album in history. It broke the record for Apple Music’s biggest single week for a country album and it broke Spotify’s all-time first-day stream record. At Amazon Music, the album broke their global first day streaming record for a country debut.

Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany says the pandemic’s silver lining is she likes having him home more and she especially likes Jason’s early morning help with the kids.

I hear Kenny Chesney’s food guilty pleasure is a grilled cheese sandwich with lots of salt.

Luke Combs doesn’t need a lot of stuff. He says he has things you can’t buy like a great family and friends. He uses his money to help people who’ve helped him and Luke often gives his old cars away to someone in need.

Finally - Brett Eldredge has never had a tattoo but he says he’ll for sure get one someday.

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Luke Combs opens up about anxiety & Morgan wallen has a free show tonight

Luke Combs is opening up about his obsessive compulsive disorder where he can’t stop thinking about various issues. It’s called ‘Purely Obsessional OCD’ and one way it gets him is Luke constantly worries that he’ll have a stroke or heart attack. He says the anxiety comes in waves but is mostly under control now.

Speaking of Luke, he just gifted Dierks Bentley with a pair of his special edition Crocs. They’re now Dierks go-to shoes and he says he may never take them off.

Morgan Wallen has a live show at the Ryman today on his YouTube and Facebook page at 8 CT. Carrie Underwood performs on the Drew Barrymore show today. She’s also partnered with BodyArmor Lyte Sports Drink. It has no artificial sweeteners and it’s only 20 calories a bottle.

Finally - Thomas Rhett and his cousin Jeff just introduced; ‘Dos Primos’ a premium sipping tequila. They’ve been working on it almost 3 years with 4th generation distillers from Mexico.

Monday, January 11, 2021

covid hits Luke Combs house & Runaway June's Jennifer Wayne gets married

Luke Combs’ wife has spent the last two weeks battling COVID. Nicole said it’s been brutal and she had all the symptoms, except a fever. She just started feeling better and hopefully will test negative soon. We’re still not sure if Luke got it or not. Tonight Luke’s on Straight Up with Steve Austin on the USA Network.

Keith Urban, Nicole Kidman and their daughters were at a live music event in Sydney, Australia this weekend. They wore sunglasses, hats and masks so no one but paparazzi noticed them. Keith wore a tight black T-shirt that revealed his tattooed biceps.

Runaway June's Jennifer Wayne married musician Austin Moody on Santa Rosa Beach in Florida Saturday. They were engaged less than two weeks ago. The ceremony had a cowboy theme in honor of her grandfather, actor John Wayne. She also wore the engagement ring her grandmother got from John. Runaway June opens for Luke Bryan this year.

Finally - Old Dominion perform on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Friday, January 8, 2021

Tenille Townes gets locked out & Morgan Wallen’s ‘Dangerous’ is in stores

Miranda Lambert, Keith Urban, Little Big Town, Dolly and more are on Bee Gees Barry Gibb’s album, ‘Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers Songbook, Vol. 1. The artist’s got to pick what Bee Gee’s tune they sang and it was recorded in Nashville where Elvis did a lot of his stuff.

Morgan Wallen’s double album, ‘Dangerous’ is out today with 30 songs and a duet with Chris Stapleton. Eric Church wrote a tune and Morgan co-wrote the title track with Thomas Rhett on Zoom. If you get the record at Target it has two bonus tracks.

Here’s an idea; Jason Aldean has a regular event at his house he calls, "no pants bowling parties.” They’re on hold for now because Jason and his wife are working on getting rid of their Covid weight.

Tenille Townes spent yesterday writing a song on the tailgate of her truck waiting for AAA to unlock it. Tenille keeps locking the keys inside and AAA said that was the last free lockout with her membership. 

Finally – after 15 years of marriage, Garth says, “I’ll put all my money the next 15 will be the best of my life.” Garth remembers everything about the first time he met Trisha, even what she was wearing that day.

Thursday, January 7, 2021

Kenny Chesney’s underwater reef park & Luke Combs fans kept his crew alive

Kenny Chesney’s joined with some conservation groups to plant thirteen 10,000-pound reef balls near Delray Beach in Florida. They’ll make a 32-acre underwater reef park. Kenny said, “people don’t realize how fragile and resilient the ocean’s ecosystems are.”

Luke Combs says his fans are the reason he was able to keep 21 crew guys on his payroll last year. He said they would not have survived the financial burden of the pandemic. In the early days Luke was his own tour manager and booking agent and said he actually enjoyed that.

As for 2020 and her very rough year, Carly Pearce wrote, “For every lesson learned, I’m grateful. For every uncomfortable moment, I’m better. A lot of things broke my heart but fixed my vision.”

Finally - one thing Brett Eldredge has learned during quarantine was playing piano. He took a few lessons then just kept practicing by himself at home, though he still doesn't read music.

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

Tyler Hubbard and Tim McGraw have a new song & Walmart leaks Morgan Wallen’s album

We now know what Tyler Hubbard and Tim McGraw have been up to. Their new song ‘Undivided’ is here January 13. It’ll be on the deluxe version of Tim’s album, ‘Here On Earth’ out sometime this spring. Tyler co-wrote the tune when he quarantined on his bus in Nov. after testing positive for COVID. He said Tim was the first guy he wanted to hear it.

In light of Walmart leaking Morgan Wallen’s album Monday, Morgan said he’d start leaking some of the songs himself. So yesterday he released three on TikTok. When the record’s in stores Friday, Target’s the only one that’ll have two extra tunes. Walmart’s since apologized and say only a "handful" of stores were involved and they’re removing all copies till Friday’s release date.

Jason Aldean’s coffee must have at least four packets of sugar free sweetener and he needs plenty of coffee for energy. Jason also reveals his food vice is eating a huge bowl of popcorn every night.

Finally - Carrie Underwood wears workout clothes all the time because she says a workout can happen anywhere.

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

ronnie dunn backs blake shelton & Fgl add solo to their careers

Blake Shelton has an answer for those critical of his new song, ‘Minimum Wage.’ He tweeted, “when Ronnie Dunn and Sammy Hagar have your back, it’s going to be a good year.” Yesterday Ronnie tweeted, “I slept on the floor in a musician friend’s home and played dive bars for years before I ever made a $100. Most country singers pay dues and go through things to become successful no sane human ever would.” 

Minimum Wage by Blake Shelton
Yeah, I met you 'fore anyone knew my name
Playin' for pennies on the dive bar stage
Split an all-star special on our first date in a Waffle House booth
Your daddy was cryin' when he gave you away
'Cause all those country songs I played
They didn't come with a 401k
But hey, I had you

You can make a six pack on the carpet
Taste like a million dollar bill
You can make a one bed room apartment
Feel like a house up on the hill
You can make my truck out in the driveway
Roll like a cleaned up Cadillac
Girl, lookin' at you lookin' at me that way
Can make a man feel rich on minimum wage

Girl, your love is money, your love is money
Yeah, your love can make a man feel rich on minimum wage
Girl, your love is money, your love is money
Yeah, your love can make a man feel rich on minimum wage

[Verse 2]
You can give me a tab that's always open
Give me a yacht parked out in the ocean
But all that keepin' up with the Jones'
It just ain't my style
Just give me some lights strung out in the yard
Give me a lawn chair under the stars
The top of the world's right where you are
'Cause every time you smile

You can make a six pack on the carpet
Taste like a million dollar bill
You can make a one bed room apartment
Feel like a house up on the hill
You can make my truck out in the driveway
Roll like a cleaned up Cadillac
Girl, lookin' at you lookin' at me that way
Can make a man feel rich on minimum wage

Girl, your love is money, your love is money
Yeah, your love can make a man feel rich on minimum wage
Girl, your love is money, your love is money
Yeah, your love can make a man feel rich on minimum wage

Brett Eldredge just made a huge donation to Nashville’s Children's Hospital at Vanderbilt. Brett gave them $500,000 to treat children who have cancer and other serious illnesses.

Florida Georgia Line’s 2021 plans include new music as both a duo and solo acts. Brian and Tyler insist they’re not breaking up just creating freedom for themselves. Brian’s working on a solo album right now and Tyler’s been in the studio with Tim McGraw.

Finally – Loretta Lynn has a new album out March 19, ‘Still Woman Enough,’ that features a few of her good friends; Carrie Underwood, Reba and Tanya Tucker.

Monday, January 4, 2021

Jake Owen gets burned & Blake Shelton faces backlash

Jake Owen was roasting marshmallows with his daughter Friday when one caught on fire. He went to blow it out and got a marshmallow burn under his eye. 

Blake Shelton debuted a new song New Year’s Eve, ‘Minimum Wage.’ People called him insensitive and said his timing was ‘tone-deaf’ in light of the pandemic's effect on lost jobs and wages. Someone asked Blake if he’d like to pay their rent.

Dierks Bentley bought a new pair of light weigh running shoes a year ago. He said they started falling apart the first week he got them and they weren’t cheap. He told himself he’d wear them for the year and yesterday tweeted, “Mission complete.”

Luke Bryan, his wife and mom plus Jason Aldean and his wife rang in the New Year in the Dominican Republic. The guys golfed and the ladies spent time on the beach.

Finally – Brad Paisley donated a new guitar to Nashville musician Buck McCoy after his apartment was destroyed on the Christmas Day bombing. Brad also gave him unlimited food from his nonprofit grocery store.

Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Merry christmas!!

I wanted to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!🎅🎄

I am off until January 4th and am looking forward to a brand new year, filled with immeasurable hope and grace. 
I am hoping the same for you too! 

Never give up on HOPE!❄

Love and blessings,

Brett Eldredge owns 12 tuxedos &

Brett Eldredge was just at a restaurant in Nashville, eating outside and heard six of his Christmas songs played overhead. He said that was really weird. Because he’s part of so many Christmas celebrations, Brett owns 12 tuxedos but someone has to help him decide which one because he’s colorblind.

In 2008 Tim McGraw was in the movie, ‘Four Christmases.’ For the role, he gained 25 pounds but not because the director said to. Tim thought his character needed the extra weight and said, "I ended up being the only fat guy on set."

Chris Young got his first guitar as a Christmas gift. He said it took him a really long time to learn to play tho.

Finally - Zac Brown Band has a concert honoring veterans and the military Dec. 27 on Brantley Gilbert has a show from his home in Georgia on December 30.

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

garth drives trisha crazy & Dolly has a two pie christmas

Earlier this month, Carrie Underwood’s husband Mike attended a cattle auction and that’s where he bought two cows for her an early Christmas present. It was his first-time at an auction and he got overwhelmed by how fast the auctioneers spoke. Mike said, “I raised my paddle a few times and next thing I know they're loading up two cows to bring home.'"

Garth reveals there’s one thing he does that gets on his wife’s nerves; he whistles constantly and it drives Trisha absolutely nuts. Thomas Rhett says what drives his wife crazy is he’s a perfectionist.

Dolly Parton always prepares a massive Christmas meal for her family. Instead of turkey they use big chickens. They also have ham, chicken and dumplings and both pumpkin and sweet potato pie.

Finally - Jon Pardi’s grandmother loved country music, especially Randy Travis, George Strait and Alan Jackson. Jon says his grama’s the one who put music in his ear.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Chris Young went out to dinner this weekend. His a $1,000 tip

Chris Young went out to dinner this weekend. His bill came to $118 and he left a $1,000 tip. He suggested we do the same and use the hashtag #MerryChristmasHappyHolidaysTip

Saturday night Luke Combs, Kenny Chesney, Jake Owen, Morgan Wallen and Cole Swindell were in Knoxville, TN for the opening of quarterback Peyton Manning’s new bar, Saloon 16. Peyton calls it a western-inspired, high-end watering hole with U of Tennessee themed dishes like Rocky Top Pork Rinds and Peyton’s Chicken Parm Sandwich.

Miranda Lambert’s husband Brendan was busy this weekend making bread. He used a recipe on the bag of King Arthur flour and made it in his high end Blue Star oven. They cost $20,000.

Finally - Maren Morris has canceled her tour next year as Covid was still gonna make her reschedule half the dates. Fans who already bought tickets will be able to get a full refund.

Friday, December 18, 2020

Luke Bryan is on Forbes highest-paid celebrities list & sunday night it's garth and trisha live

Luke Bryan is on Forbes highest-paid celebrities list at # 62. His $45.5 million included 12 million from American Idol. Luke also launched his own beer and did commercials for Jockey. The other country star on the list Blake Shelton was at # 70 making $43.5 million.

Carrie Underwood’s on The Kelly Clarkson Show today. Sunday night it’s Garth & Trisha Live! A Holiday Concert Event on CBS. They’ll perform fan requests from their home studio with no audience and a minimal crew. After the show, Miranda Lambert sings on CBS’s A Home for the Holidays.

Jason Aldean is baffled by the existence of TMZ and says, “you have a channel and website devoted 24/7 to celebrities and stuff they do. I’ll never understand why anyone’s so interested in your personal life, that’s your business.”

Finally - since he won American Idol Scotty McCreery’s gotten better at song writing and says, “you start with a blank sheet of paper and when you’re done, you have a piece of art.”

Thursday, December 17, 2020

Carrie Underwood performs on Late Night with Seth Meyers & The winner of ‘The Masked Singer’ last night was...

At 52, Kenny Chesney’s never been married again. He says he’s a free spirit and finds it hard to settle down. Being single for Kenny means he can stay on his boat for weeks at a time and no one cares.

Carrie Underwood performs on Late Night with Seth Meyers tonight. I also found Carrie’s holiday recipe for Ugly Lasagna. It’s made in a slow cooker and just piled in. The recipe’s at

The winner of ‘The Masked Singer’ last night was The Sun or LeAnn Rimes. Early on many fans thought it was her. I think she’s the best vocalist so far to win the Golden Mask trophy.

Finally - a few years ago at Christmas, Tim McGraw went to a store where you paint your own pottery and he did a mug for Faith. On the back he wrote, “as the sun sets, I will love you more” but today Tim thinks that sounds kinda cheesy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Brett Eldredge is on The Kelly Clarkson Show & thomas rhett leaves instagram

Thomas Rhett is taking an indefinite break from Instagram because of too much negativity. He and Lauren were just in Cabo and he posted some photos. Several fans blasted them for traveling during a pandemic and for a lack of COVID-19 protocols.

Jake Owen has a free show tonight on Outback Steakhouse’s Facebook page. He’s calling it a Steakmas concert and it starts at 6 CT.

Jon Pardi’s obsessed with his Instant Pot and often uses it to make elk chili. He has a freezer full of elk meat and says he’s just giving it away. Growing up, Jon says no one could make an elk taco like his dad, even to this day.

Keith Urban and family have several pets. A toy poodle, Julian, three cats; Ginger, Snow and Louis, 10 fish and several chickens and alpacas.

Finally - Brett Eldredge is on The Kelly Clarkson Show today and tonight CMT Remembers Charley Pride.

Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Jon Pardi's Pardi Time Christmas is tonight & Keith Urban duets with P!nk on The Voice

Luke Combs and his wife have a bet, is it ‘sir’-up or ‘sear’-up?” He says it’s ‘sir’-up’ and 71% of his fans agree. 29% are with his wife for “sear”-up.

Before Blake Shelton proposed to Gwen Stefani he hid the $500,000 ring in his truck for nearly three weeks. He had it in a compartment where stuff falls out all the time and kept thinking, 'somebody's gonna hit the jackpot when I drop this thing out of my truck.’

Justin Moore lost his dog Hank in June. He has two great Danes but wanted another smaller dog so they adopted an Aussie Doodle. Each Dane is 180 pounds then add in a new puppy & 4 young kids and Justin says their house is like a circus.

Finally – tonight Jon Pardi's Pardi Time Christmas airs on all of CMT's socials. Tonight’s Voice finale has Keith Urban dueting with P!nk plus Tyler Hubbard from Florida Georgia Line and Dan + Shay are performing.

Carrie Underwood’s Ugly Lasagna

Carrie Underwood’s Ugly Lasagna
1 tablespoon olive oil
1 medium yellow onion, diced
1 large bell pepper, diced
24-ounce jar spaghetti sauce or marinara sauce
12-ounce box no-boil lasagna noodles
1 big handful spinach
8 ounces shredded cheese
Italian seasoning
In a large skillet, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add the onion and bell pepper (and any other veggies you want to add) and cook, stirring, until the onion is just turning golden brown and the bell pepper is soft. Set aside. Spray a slow cooker with a light coating of cooking spray, then cover the bottom with a thin layer of the sauce (just enough to coat the bottom). Break the noodles and fit them over the sauce to mostly cover the bottom in one layer. Spread a thin layer of spinach over the noodles and sprinkle with the onion-bell pepper mixture and whatever other veggies you have prepared. Top with a thin layer of sauce and then a thin layer of cheese and a few shakes of Italian seasoning. Repeat layers of noodles, spinach, extra veggies, sauce, cheese and seasoning, until you reach the top of the slow cooker or run out of ingredients. End with a final layer of sauce and seasoning. Cover and cook the lasagna on high for 2-3 hours or on low for 3-4 hours. Check it periodically to make sure the edges aren't burning. It should be done within a couple of hours, but you can test to make sure the noodles are tender. When you're ready to serve it, scoop it out into bowls.

Monday, December 14, 2020

Country mourns the loss of Charley Pride & Kane Brown's at a secret tropical location

Charley Pride died Saturday at 86. He’d been in the hospital since late November with COVID. Several fans thought he got the virus after his appearance at the CMA Awards Nov. 11. Maren Morris tweeted, "I don't want to jump to conclusions but if this was a result of the CMAs being indoors, we should all be outraged.” She later deleted that tweet. The CMA’s said Charley was tested before traveling to Nashville then after arriving and tested again on show day, and all were negative. Returning to Texas, he also tested negative multiple times. Luke Combs wrote, “I was in awe of his presence and talent. He was a true legend and trailblazer.” Carrie Underwood added, “whenever he saw you he’d offer a smile & tell you your birthday. I don’t know how but he always remembered.”

Dolly Parton’s new fragrance line is out next spring. Actor Dylan McDermott said she mixed seven perfumes and it was so intoxicating, he almost fainted working on set with her. Dolly says people even followed her down the street wanting to know what she was wearing.

Finally - Kane Brown and his wife are vacationing somewhere tropical right now for their second wedding anniversary. I think they’re in Florida at Disney World.

Friday, December 11, 2020

dolly saves a life & Willie Nelson American Outlaw is out

Florida Georgia Line premiere the cartoon video for their Christmas tune, ‘Lit This Year,’ today at 4 CT on You Tube. They’ll also live chat.

On the set of her new Netflix film, Christmas on the Square, Dolly Parton pulled her 9-year-old co-star away from a car that was headed right toward her. Dolly plays an angel in the movie and she told the little girl, 'I just saved your life!'

Carrie Underwood’s 5-year-old has named her Christmas cows; Brownie and Oreo. Carrie grew up with cows and says they’re her favorite animal because of their personalities. The next addition to the farm will be donkeys as they often have coyotes visit their farm.

At 53, Keith Urban says some of the high points in his life so far are meeting Nic and marrying her. Having children. Getting sober and being accepted in Nashville.

Finally – tonight Brett Eldredge and Kelly Clarkson sing on the Tonight Show and the tribute concert, Willie Nelson American Outlaw, is out with Chris Stapleton, Eric Church, George Strait and more.

Thursday, December 10, 2020

Brett Eldredge performs tonight on NBC & Miranda Lambert’s worst gig ever

The mayor of Tishomingo, OK, where Blake Shelton lives, just signed a proclamation naming Blake honorary mayor. He’ll soon be getting his own plaque. Speaking of Blake, one of his favorite Arizona Cardinals, Larry Fitzgerald’s been hurt but yesterday was activated for Sunday’s football game. Blake tweeted, “I haven’t been this happy since I had my first bacon and mayonnaise sandwich!!”

Carrie Underwood’s silver lining to the pandemic is going to the mall in a ball cap and mask and nobody knows it’s her. She feels like a regular mom now doing Christmas shopping.

Miranda Lambert’s worst gig ever was playing at an old train car in Dallas that was turned into a bar. The stage was so you could only see Miranda from the chest up tho. There were five people there and they all wound up bloody in the parking lot by the end of the show.

Finally - Brett Eldredge performs on One Night Only: The Best of Broadway on NBC tonight and then Blake Shelton’s on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Tim McGraw is crazy & Ingrid Andress is on Jimmy Kimmel Live

Carrie Underwood’s husband often shrinks clothes when he does laundry and now it’s Carrie’s turn. Mike posted a photo of her holding a grey sweater she accidentally shrunk that’s now too small for her 5-year-old.

Tim McGraw accused his wife Faith Hill of trying to get rid of him by sending him up a 15-foot ladder to decorate the top of their enormous Christmas tree.

Keith Urban’s wife calls him warm and kind and marrying him saved Nic because Keith was protective and gave her confidence. They’re in Australia for Christmas and that will include his moms Chocolate Sauce Pudding. Served hot with lots of cream on top.

Shania lives on Lake Geneva in Switzerland. She loves to boat and use the studio where Queen did most of their recording. Freddie Mercury lived a couple houses down from her.

Finally - Ingrid Andress performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. Tomorrow, Scotty McCreery’s on NBC’s Today show.

Tuesday, December 8, 2020

Carrie Underwood has a free show tonight & Trisha Yearwood just finished her fourth cookbook

Jon Pardi has a Plan B in case music doesn’t work out. He can weld, drive big equipment, fix fences and run a ranch. He did that growing up and saw it as just helping his dad but he realized later he was actually learning stuff. 

Trisha Yearwood just finished her fourth cookbook that’ll be out next year. Garth’s been mowing grass and keeping the trail clean for walks with their dogs. They’ve also been playing card games like Phase 10 as Trisha says they’re burnt out on puzzles.

Tim McGraw says Faith’s good cooking makes him have to work out harder. Her specialties are fried chicken and roasted chicken. Tim said his thing is making a pretty good country fried steak and his obsession’s always been a good cheeseburger.

Carly Pearce has had a rough year but still tweets, “don’t ever let anyone dull your sparkle.”

Finally - Carrie Underwood has a show tonight on Pandora Live at 8 CT. It’s free but you have to RSVP to be able to watch.

Monday, December 7, 2020

Dan + Shay on TV tomorrow & Dierks Bentley heads home

When Jake Owen asked his girlfriend Erica to marry him it was at the same Christmas tree lot where they got their 1st Christmas tree 5-years-ago. After she said “yes” they went to her favorite restaurant, Chick-fil-A.

We’re hearing from a People magazine source that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani will likely get married sooner than later. It won't be a long engagement and they want a wedding with just family and close friends. Blake says, “for now, we don’t have it planned cause just like everyone else in the world: we have no clue what’s coming.”

This weekend Dierks Bentley and family headed home from Colorado. His truck broke, so they had five bikes hanging off the back of their Subaru and it took them 20 hours.

Florida Georgia Line’s new album, ‘Life Rolls On’ is out February 12. If you pre-order now, you’ll instantly get seven of the 16 new tracks.

Finally - Dan + Shay perform their new holiday songs on tomorrow’s Today show.

Friday, December 4, 2020

Carrie Underwood’s moo-ving gift & Morgan Wallen’s on Saturday Night Live

That socially distanced dinner with Jason and Brittany Aldean in Nashville went for $17,300. All of it goes to St. Jude Children’s Hospital.

Carrie Underwood’s husband just got her an early Christmas present, two calves. One’s black and white and the other is brown.

Miranda Lambert’s been doing ‘housewife stuff’ lately like decorating for Christmas and making two kinds of holiday bread; pumpkin and banana.

Finally - Thomas Rhett’s wife Lauren’s on Hallmarks Home & Family today. Jon Pardi’s wedding is in PEOPLE magazine. Brett Eldredge, Carly Pearce and Dolly are on Pandora Live at 8 CT. It’s free but you have to RSVP. Blake Shelton and his mom executive produced their third Hallmark movie on Saturday, ‘Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas.’ Morgan Wallen’s on Saturday Night Live. Dolly's Holly Dolly Christmas airs Sunday on CBS and Hardy performs on FOX’s WWE Tribute to The Troops.

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Carrie Underwood’s Christmas special’s tonight & Jon Pardi’s wife wants a cow December 25

US Weekly says Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani will be married in a chapel he built at his Oklahoma ranch most likely early next year. I also hear Blake and Gwen have been watching Hallmark Christmas movies together since Thanksgiving.

For Christmas, Jon Pardi’s wife wants a Scottish Highland cow. They’re big, fluffy and very tame. Summer also wants to get it a miniature donkey friend but Jon wants a goat. He says the best part about getting farm stuff at Tractor Supply is hearing his songs on the radio station they play.

Lauren Alaina tweets, “2020’s made me want to become an illegal hug dealer, but I understand we have to stay apart.” She just got a T-shirt with "I miss hugs and live music” on it and you can buy one at

Finally - Carrie Underwood’s Christmas special’s on HBO Max tonight with John Legend and her 5-year-old Isaiah. Carrie’s on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon tonight.

Wednesday, December 2, 2020

win a socially distanced dinner with Jason Aldean & Garth’s dead air explained

You can bid now on a socially distanced dinner date with Jason and Brittany Aldean at his E3 Chophouse in Nashville. It benefits St. Jude's and you can bid thru Thursday night at Right now it’s at $11,100. 

Garth’s finally explaining why his new album ‘FUN’ has one track that’s just two seconds of dead air. After ‘Where The Cross Don’t Burn’ with Charley Pride, Garth wanted two seconds of nothing so we could absorb what the song said, before it moved on to the next one. The album says it has 14 cuts but it’s technically 15.

Growing up in the tiny town of Checotah, OK, Carrie Underwood’s family had one TV with only five channels. Carrie said her entertainment was catching snakes, tadpoles, turtles and frogs then letting them go.

Finally – Brad Paisley recites ‘The Elf on the Shelf's Night Before Christmas Storytime’ on the Elf on the Shelf YouTube channel today. Tonight Brett Eldredge, Dolly and Dan + Shay perform on Christmas in Rockefeller Center on NBC.

Tuesday, December 1, 2020

Russell Dickerson performs on the Ellen Show & keith urban's in the movies

Jake Owen has asked longtime girlfriend Erica Hartlein to marry him. He got down on one knee to pop the question. Erica’s the mother of their 18-month-old daughter Paris and she and Jake met at a fancy home store in Nashville where Erica was their resident interior designer.

Keith Urban has joined the cast of the animated Netflix movie, ‘Back to the Outback.’ It follows a group of venomous animals who escape from a zoo and travel across the country to find freedom in Australia's outback. Keith voices a toad named Doug and it will debut in the fall 2021.

Brian from Florida Georgia Line says this Christmas he and his wife will be spending time at their new Florida beach home. Bandmate Tyler says he and his family will try and get away to the mountains or someplace where it snows a lot.

Finally – Russell Dickerson performs on the Ellen Show today.

Monday, November 30, 2020

CMA Country Christmas is tonight & dolly has a fossil named after her

Carrie Underwood cooked for eight on Thanksgiving but says she made enough for 20. The turkey was a gift from her guest, former NFL star Jay Cutler. Carrie never tried his turkey tho because she’s still a vegetarian.

The CMA Country Christmas is tonight on ABC with hosts Thomas Rhett and his wife Lauren. It has a throwback feel like Christmas specials of the 60s and 70s. Performers include Lady A, Florida Georgia Line, Little Big Town, Tim McGraw and Dan and Shay.

Moss imprints in a 460 million-year-old rock have been named after Dolly Parton. The rocks that held the fossils once laid near her Dollywood park in Tennessee.

When Carly Pearce fell on Halloween, she knocked out her front teeth and had many facial stitches. Carly said her injuries are almost healed but she’ll always several scars.

Finally - this weekend Chris Young played Christmas music, made Christmas cookies and started his yard decorations.

Friday, November 27, 2020

Morgan Wallen’s on Saturday Night Live & Carly Pearce loses her Christmas spirit

Morgan Wallen’s on Saturday Night Live next weekend. Two months ago he was supposed to be on but broke NBC’s Covid protocol. Morgan said that low moment in his life turned out to be a good thing.

Carly Pearce told some friends she didn’t want to decorate or put up a Christmas tree this year. A few days ago a package was left on her front porch with new ornaments inside. Thanks to her friends, Carly said that got her excited for the holidays and she’s getting a tree.

Growing up, Blake Shelton’s sister would compete in pageants so his mom would enter him too. She said Blake didn’t do well in the beauty part but sang great in the talent portion but he was a terrible dancer!

Finally - Luke Combs daily routine is doing stuff around the house, writing and letting his chickens out in the morning. Luke can’t see his neighbors, he hunts right out the backyard and he calls it living the redneck dream.

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Garth stops by The View today & Kane Brown performs during halftime tomorrow

Lauren Alaina’s been getting her stomach ready for Thanksgiving since March. She overeats, naps then eats again. Trisha Yearwood always makes cornbread dressing, a recipe passed down in her family from many generations. Mitchell Tenpenny loves his mom’s mac and cheese with crushed Ritz crackers on top. Hillary from Lady A has to have her grama’s sweet potato casserole for Thanksgiving and RaeLynn’s aunt’s cheesy corn casserole is the best thing she’s ever had in her life.

Miranda Lambert and Ingrid Andress tied for the most Country Grammy nominations yesterday getting three each. What, no Luke Combs? How is that even possible?

Kane Brown will perform during halftime of the Cowboys Thanksgiving game tomorrow. Kane will also help kick off The Salvation Army's Red Kettle Campaign.

Finally - Garth stops by The View today on ABC. Tonight Brett Eldredge is on ABC’s Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration.

Grammy's announced

Here are the country nominees at the 2021 Grammy Awards:

Best Country Album
Wildcard — Miranda Lambert
Lady Like — Ingrid Andress
Nightfall — Little Big Town
Never Will — Ashley McBryde
Your Life Is a Record — Brandy Clark

Best Country Song
“Bluebird” — Songwriters: Miranda Lambert, Luke Dick, Natalie Hemby (Miranda Lambert)
“The Bones” — Songwriters: Maren Morris, Jimmy Robbins, Laura Veltz (Maren Morris)
“Crowded Table” — Songwriters: Brandi Carlile, Natalie Hemby, Lori Mckenna (The Highwomen)
“More Hearts Than Mine” — Songwriters: Ingrid Andress, Sam Ellis, Derrick Southerland (Ingrid Andress)
“Some People Do” — Songwriters: Jesse Frasure, Shane McAnally, Matthew Ramsey, Thomas Rhett (Old Dominion)

Best Country Solo Performance
“Bluebird” — Miranda Lambert
“Stick That In Your Country Song” — Eric Church
“Black Like Me” — Mickey Guyton
“Who You Thought I Was” — Brandy Clark
“When My Amy Prays” — Vince Gill

Best Country Duo/Group Performance
“10,000 Hours” — Dan + Shay ft. Justin Bieber
“Some People Do” — Old Dominion
“All Night” — Brothers Osborne
“Ocean” — Lady A
“Sugar Coat” — Little Big Town

Best New Artist
Ingrid Andress
Noah Cyrus
Phoebe Bridgers
D Smoke
Doja Cat
Megan Thee Stallion

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Dierks Bentley’s on the Ellen Show & garth's hoodie addiction

When Jon Pardi met his wife it was a blind date. She was a hairstylist in California and her client knew Jon's mom, so she sent him Summer’s number. Jon flew her and a friend to his show in Denver. Within the first five minutes of meeting him, Summer texted her mom, 'sell my house, sell my car, send my dog.'"

Gath has a thing for hoodies. His closet has work hoodies, work-out hoodies, casual hoodies that you only wear around the house and dress up hoodies in case you’re going out.

Chris Young’s been writing new music and recording in his home-studio. He’s quarantining with his German shepherd Porter. He goes everywhere with Chris and he even has a Christmas stocking and gifts already under the tree.

Finally – Dierks Bentley’s on the Ellen Show today. Tonight Tim McGraw, Chris Young, Cole Swindell and more perform at Tracy Lawrence's annual Turkey Fry Benefit in Nashville at 7 CT at

Monday, November 23, 2020

Kane Brown performs on The Late Show & Jon Pardi's taco bell wedding

Jon Pardi was married Saturday and all guests were tested for Covid beforehand. At 11 AM they had a Taco Bell truck feed everyone lunch. Their sit-down dinner after the ceremony was chicken, steak, mashed potatoes, Caesar salad and tomato bisque. Dessert were mini churros, since neither of them are into cake. Tables were spaced apart and there were sanitation stations and custom masks handed out. Everyone laughed when Jon held his right hand out not his left for Summer to put the ring on. She said, “other hand, first-timer!" Jon says Summer was love at first sight for the first time in his life.

At last night’s American Music Awards Favorite Male Artist was Kane Brown. Favorite Female Maren Morris. Favorite Country Album went to Blake Shelton Fully Loaded: God’s Country and the Favorite Due or Group was Dan + Shay.

As for all this pandemic time off, Garth says, “when the green flag drops as long as everybody’s safe, it’ll be like running to the buffet line like you haven’t eaten in years.”

Finally – Kane Brown performs on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert tonight.

Friday, November 20, 2020

Jon Pardi gets married Saturday & Garth’s album is out today

Jon Pardi gets married Saturday in a black velvet jacket with rhinestones. Summer had her wedding dress altered down so she can barely walk. Jon says no cell phones allowed and he’s recorded a new song to play at the ceremony. He thinks singing live would be cheesy.

Florida Georgia Line are finally talking about those break up rumors. Tyler unfollowed Brian during the election because they don’t agree politically. They’re actually on great terms and say they’re stronger than ever. The guys are also working on a country movie that’s a musical. They’ll rework some classic country tunes and write a few new ones for the project.

Finally - Garth’s album FUN is out today. He’ll go live at 6 CT on Amazon's Facebook pages. Tim McGraw’s Greatest Hits is out so is Collin Raye’s record ‘Scars’ with guest Miranda Lambert. Saturday on the Hallmark Channel it’s A Nashville Christmas Carol with Wynonna, Sara Evans, RaeLynn, Kix Brooks and Kimberly Williams-Paisley. Then Sunday, Netflix has Dolly's musical, Christmas On The Square & Dan & Shay perform on the American Music Awards.

Thursday, November 19, 2020

Zac Brown Band are on Jimmy Kimmel Live & is blake shelton running for mayor

Luke Combs calls his 10 egg laying chickens, ‘pets that pay the rent.’ Luke also just beat Garth’s chart record since Luke just spent his 34th week at #1 with, ‘What You See Is What You Get.’ He’s now the first artist since the charts debut in 1964 to have two albums at #1 for at least 34 weeks.

Blake Shelton says he would quit all TV and music to run for mayor of Tishomingo, Oklahoma, where he lives. But Blake’s afraid he'd lose and he says that would be incredibly embarrassing.

Brian from Florida Georgia Line’s pandemic therapy includes yoga and canned Vienna sausages.

Michael Ray says, “I can remember lyrics to a song I haven’t heard in 15 years but can’t remember why I just walked in the room.”

Finally - Zac Brown Band are on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight.

Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Miranda Lambert inducted into the National Cowgirl Hall of Fame & Trisha's funny romantic gift from Garth

Miranda Lambert will be inducted into the National Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame next year in Ft. Worth. Her career started in Texas bars and she holds the Guinness Record for the most consecutive Female Vocalist wins in ACM history.

Jon Pardi calls his custom tailor in Dallas, Vera Bedazziley because she puts rhinestones on everything. Jon says, “I love the attitude you get when you put a rhinestone jacket on and walk into a room.” He remembers seeing Dwight Yoakam years ago when he and his band had sparkly jackets on and Jon says he’s always been drawn to that.

One of Trisha Yearwood’s most romantic gifts Garth ever gave her was a grocery cart. In her hometown, there was a grocery store called Red and White. It's no longer in business but the guy who owned it still had some carts. He gave one to Garth for free and Trisha now has a vintage shopping cart for when they come home from buying groceries.

Finally - Dolly Parton's donated a million dollars to Vanderbilt University for Covid vaccine research.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Garth & Trisha are Live on CBS & Florida Georgia Line are not breaking up

So much for the rumors from tabloid US Weekly that Florida Georgia Line are breaking up. They just inked a long-term touring contract with a concert promoter putting them back on the road sometime next summer. After a 13-day quarantine on his bus, Tyler Hubbard’s finally back with his family.

Luke Combs says the mom food he’s most looking forward to at Thanksgiving is everything, he loves it all! Especially anything with the word casserole in it. Luke says his favorite Thanksgiving sides include mac n cheese, mashed potatoes, stuffing and green beans.

Tonight, Little Big Town have a free concert at 7 CT on all of Camping World’s socials then Dierks Bentley’s on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Finally - Garth & Trisha Live! A Holiday Concert Event airs December 20 on CBS. It’s an hour-long special and they’re taking requests for what we’d like them to sing.

Monday, November 16, 2020

Day 10 of quarantine for Tyler Hubbard & Blake Shelton named Top Country Artist

Sunday was Day 10 of quarantine for Tyler Hubbard. He said it’s the worst he’s felt since getting Covid. He’ll test again today in hopes he’s negative. Tyler’s children knock on his tour bus door every morning hoping it’s finally the day they get to hug him.

Jon Pardi says you might not guess he loves nice clothes, Sinatra and having a party where everybody dresses up. He gets married November 21 and it’ll be black tie. Jon’s suit is black velvet with rhinestones embroidered on the lapels and it was made by his custom tailor in Dallas.

When he was in college Luke Combs auditioned for The Voice during spring break but after his 3rd audition, he got a letter saying he wasn’t ‘interesting enough’ for ratings. Luke never even got on the show and he kept that rejection letter on his dorm room wall to give him something to fight for.

Finally - Blake Shelton was named Top Country Artist at last night’s People’s Choice Awards. He thanked his new fiancĂ©e and inspiration; Gwen Stefani.

Friday, November 13, 2020

Garth guest hosts The Ellen Show & Kelsea Ballerini’s not pregnant

Now we know why Carly Pearce seemed like she was struggling at this week’s CMA’s. She fell Halloween night and had to get a bunch of stitches in her mouth and she also knocked her two front teeth.

Kelsea Ballerini’s shooting down the rumor she’s pregnant like some thought CMA night. She tweeted, “I’m not. Just carrying around my organs. Let's not judge bloat levels on the internet." At the CMA’s Kelsea was sipping wine when the glass shattered in her mouth, cutting her lip. It happened right in front of Miranda Lambert.

Shenandoah’s duets project, ‘Every Road’ is out today with Lady A, Luke Bryan, Carly Pearce, Blake Shelton, Zac Brown Band, Dierks Bentley and Brad Paisley.

Finally - today Garth guest hosts The Ellen Show, Little Big Town's Kimberly is on with Kelly Clarkson. Dolly has a live concert and Q&A on Amazon Live and Amazon Music at noon CT. Jon Pardi plays the Opry Saturday then Sunday, Luke Combs, Chris Stapleton, Old Dominion and more perform at the Waffle House Tunie Awards, 6 CT on

Wednesday, November 11, 2020

The CMA Awards are tonight & Reba’s on Live With Kelly & Ryan today

The CMA Awards are tonight at 7 CT on ABC hosted by Reba and Darius Rucker. To kick it off, Jason Aldean, Dierks Bentley, Ashley McBryde and Brothers Osborn pay tribute to Charlie Daniels. Other performers include Dan + Shay with Justin Bieber, Miranda, Maren Morris, Luke Combs, Old Dominion, Thomas Rhett and Keith Urban. Little Big Town will honor Kenny Rogers, Jon Pardi pays tribute to Joe Diffie and Charles Kelley will sit in for Lee Brice to duet with Carly Pearce.

There’s no red carpet tonight and everyone was tested for Covid beforehand. Masks will be worn and physical distancing practiced. The audience is artists and industry people at tables eight-feet-apart. Deep cleaning protocols happen between performances so 40% of the 20 singers are pre-recorded. Winners are asked to only touch elbows with the person handing them their trophy and not hug or shake their hand.

Finally - Reba’s on Live With Kelly & Ryan. Chris Janson has a free show on the United States Air Force Band's Facebook at 6 CT and Maren Morris is on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Tyler from FGL has COVID & Carly Pearce is on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Tyler from Florida Georgia Line just tested positive for COVID. He’s asymptomatic tho and quarantining on his tour bus in their driveway. Tyler tweeted, “got the Rona. Miss my family. Writing songs.”

Carly Pearce will sing and chat on The Kelly Clarkson Show today. Carly will also have a new duet partner tomorrow night. Lady A’s Charles Kelley will fill in for the Covid positive Lee Brice.

Tonight on ABC it’s their Pre-CMA hour-long special with Robin Roberts. Reba and Darius Rucker are on so are Keith Urban, Luke Bryan, Dierks Bentley and more.

Dolly Parton will be a live concert and Q&A session on Amazon Live and Amazon Music Friday. Visit to learn more.

Finally – Miranda Lambert is 37 today. Tonight Brett Young will have a free concert on all of Camping World’s socials.

Monday, November 9, 2020

covid changes wednesday's cma's & Luke Combs Crocs are out

Carly Pearce will no longer be doing her duet with Lee Brice on Wednesday's CMA Awards. Lee’s just tested positive for COVID and even tho he has no symptoms, he still has to self-isolate at his home until he’s cleared by a doctor. Late last week, Joe Nichols reported COVID had hit his household.

Keith Urban’s been helping school his daughters during the pandemic, except for math. Keith left school at 15 and says he’s no help with math and is glad there’s smarter people helping their kids right now. Keith says due to how he and Nicole were raised, the family eats every meal with each other and they go everywhere together.

Luke Combs Crocs are out today with a warm, fuzz lining but be quick, they’ll most likely sell out today.

Finally - Luke Bryan says his favorite kind of hunting is whatever’s in season. He says hunting and fishing makes kids well rounded. That’s what his dad did for him growing up and Luke thinks it’s really important.

Friday, November 6, 2020

Carrie Underwood and Reba's secret project & Luke Combs is live today

Michael Ray and Carly Pearce’s divorce was final in September. It now looks like he might have a new girl; Travis Tritt’s daughter, Tyler Reese. He’s 32, she’s 22 and the last few months he’s often popped up on her Instagram stories. 

Carrie Underwood and Reba have been in the studio together this week, but we still don’t know why. John Carter Cash, son of Johnny, posted photos of them on Instagram. He owns Cash Cabin Studio where the pics were taken. He’s also a record producer. His only comment was: #SecretProject.” Neither Carrie nor Reba has commented.

Luke Bryan and Brad Paisley pay tribute to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductees’ Saturday night on HBO. Brad and Jimmy Buffett headline The Mark Twain House & Museum virtual gala tonight at 7 CT. It’s a free hour-long event.

Finally - Luke Combs is live today at noon CT to sing on Amazon Live then he’ll do a Q&A with Amazon Music. Dan + Shay’s new tune, ‘Take Me Home for Christmas’ is out on today.

Thursday, November 5, 2020

Jon Pardi performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live & why Keith Urban felt like Jim Carrey

Jon Pardi performs on Jimmy Kimmel Live tonight. we know coronavirus changed his May wedding with 300 guests to now only 75 later this month, in a big barn so people can be spaced out.

Early in the pandemic, Keith Urban says he felt like Jim Carrey in ‘Dumb and Dumber’ in that scene where he’s sitting in a bathroom stall, sucking his thumb. Keith didn’t know what to do and says he felt weird for quite a while.

After her tune, ‘Gunpowder & Lead’ was out, based on the lyrics, fans told Miranda Lambert they thought she’d be really mean and they were scared of her. Miranda’s like, “it’s a song and I’m playing a character. I’m really nice and I promise I won’t shoot ya as long as you’re nice.”

Finally - Kane Brown says patience is something he didn't know until his daughter Kingsley was born. He’s normally pretty carefree but with a child now Kane watches her close and is very protective.

Wednesday, November 4, 2020

Keith Urban's love of Promite & Miranda Lambert plants a sad tree

According to a supposed source close to Blake and Gwen, they’re prepared to get married during COVID if need be in an intimate family-only affair but that’s their Plan B. Their first idea’s to have a huge wedding with everyone in late 2021.

When Keith Urban was 10 he came home from school starving so he made a sandwich with what he could find; sour cream, banana and Promite. Promite’s only found in Australia and it’s a thick sticky spread some say tastes like either soy sauce or what your broiler pan smells like after you haven't washed it for weeks.

Miranda Lambert just planted a tree at her Tennessee farm in honor of her golden retriever who died recently. The plaque read, ‘your paws left prints on our hearts Waylon.’ Yesterday the Aldean’s chameleon Elvis had to be put to sleep due to a problem she had after laying some eggs.

Finally – when Luke Combs got married recently, he was pretty sure he’d cry when he saw Nicole walk down the aisle. What he didn’t know is he was actually doubled-over crying.

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

When Dierks Bentley moved his family out west in March, it was to the tiny mountain town of Ouray, Colorado, population just over 1,000. There’s several hotels, restaurants and brewery’s as it’s a tourist destination. It also has a natural mineral hot springs to soak in. Dierks says his days are spent hiking, biking, fishing with his kids and coaching a hockey team.

Jon Pardi’s fiancĂ© says he’s not perfect. He leaves his underwear next to the hamper and she has to pick them up. His complaint with her is she wears the same thing every day; leggings and an old baggy t-shirt. Jon just added a 5th dog to their pack; Bruce, a French bulldog puppy. He joins two cattle dogs, an Airedale terrier and another Frenchie.

Back in 2001, Kenny Chesney was supposed to be shooting a music video at the World Trade Center in New York City on the morning of 9/11. But an equipment delay caused the plan to be nixed at the last minute.

Finally – Miranda Lambert’s daily farm outfit are her mud-splattered jeans and boots.

Monday, November 2, 2020

Garth injury update & Luke Combs shaves his head

When Garth recently hurt his left hand on their farm he was building a deck. As he was cleaning up and loading the chop saw, it collapsed so Garth grabbed the back end and his left hand broke the fall. He was afraid to look so he used his right hand to feel and make sure his left hand was still there. It’ll be black and blue for a while, but Garth said he got lucky. Trisha added, “it’s not the first time and I’m always happy when he comes back with all his limbs.”

Us Weekly says Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefan had been working on a prenuptial agreement for months before announcing their engagement. The process has been extremely effortless and a source said there have been 'no hiccups, or outrageous demands.

Finally - Luke Combs recently shaved his head and says it’s harder for fans to recognize him. When he wears a mask out in public, fans have an even harder realizing it’s him. Luke said he doesn’t really mind that.

Friday, October 30, 2020

CMA Awards named their first round of performers & Chris Janson steals from his kid's Halloween candy

The CMA Awards have named their first round of performers: Eric Church, Luke Combs, Florida Georgia Line, Miranda, Maren Morris and Rascal Flatts. Thomas Rhett will sing with Reba, Hillary from Lady A and Christian artist; Chris Tomlin. Everyone will be in one room this year socially distanced and the show’s November 11.

Chris Janson reveals he always steals from his kid's Halloween candy, especially the red and pink Starburst. He also likes Skittles berry blend and Gushers. Chris likes Gushers so much they’re even on his concert rider along with Mountain Dew and Lava Juice.

Kane Brown premiers his video for ‘Worship You’ live today at noon CT on his You Tube page. The livestream will also include his wife Katelyn and daughter Kingsley, who just turned a year old.

Finally - Midland’s releasing their entire performance from LA’s legendary Palomino Club today. Lady A’s deluxe version of ‘On This Winter's Night,’ is out so is the vinyl version of Carrie Underwood’s Christmas record.

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Josh Turner has a free show tonight & Blake Shelton eats wild mushroom and lives

Blake Shelton found a wild mushroom on his Oklahoma farm this week. He fried it up but Gwen wouldn’t touch it cause it was covered some kind of fur. Blake was confident it was OK because he watched some YouTube videos and was pretty sure it was the edible lion's mane mushroom. Blake said the good news is it didn’t kill him. As for the engagement ring he gave Gwen, he designed it himself. Jewelry experts now say the diamond could be up to 10 carats and depending on the quality, it’s value would be between $700,000-$800,000 dollars. 

A few months into quarantine, Carrie Underwood’s husband looked at her and said, ‘You know what? I like you.’” Carrie said, ‘What does that mean? He said, “we’ve been married ten years and have two kids and I love you but quarantine’s shown me that I like you, too.’”

Finally - Josh Turner has a new album out so tonight he has a free show from AJ’s Good Time Bar in Nashville at 5 CT. It’ll be on Josh's Facebook and YouTube pages. His guests are Runaway June, Maddie & Tae and one surprise performer.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020

blake and Gwen are engaged & Thomas Rhett calls his home a chaotic mess

44-year-old Blake Shelton and 51-year-old Gwen Stefani are engaged after five years! It happened last weekend in Oklahoma. Blake tweeted, “thanks Gwen for saving my 2020 and the rest of my life." Her ring’s white gold or platinum with a round diamond that’s between 6 and 8 carats and cost well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Tonight Carly Pearce and Tenille Townes countdown to the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum's digital fundraiser live on their YouTube at 7:30 PM CT. Performers will use vintage instruments played by country legends. Miranda Lambert’s on so is Reba, Tim McGraw, Brad Paisley (who's 48 today) and more. I hear Kane Brown will sing a Randy Travis song using Randy’s personal Gibson guitar.

A few days ago Garth revealed his upcoming album ‘FUN’ includes his duet with Blake Shelton, ‘Dive Bar.’ Garth calls Blake his “second favorite female singer.” 

Ashley McBryde’s on The Kelly Clarkson Show today. Tonight Sam Hunt performs on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Finally - Thomas Rhett calls his home a "chaotic mess” with three kids now but Thomas says, he’s realizing their chaos is just for a season.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Lady A has a free concert tonight & Luke Combs Crocs are back

Luke Combs Crocs are back and this time with a warm, fuzz lining and the skull on the back of his tour bus. The jibbitz are a dog tag for his dog Jojo, his Gibson guitar, a pair of cowboy boots, his tour bus and a road case. His fan club Bootleggers will get first dibs when the Crocs debut November 9.

Miranda Lambert’s handwritten lyrics to ‘Bluebird’ are at auction for charity. It’s at $700. Chris Stapleton wrote the lyrics to ‘Broken Halos’ on his acoustic guitar and it’s at $10,000.

Jay from Rascal Flatts has joined new group, The Rise Above with Deen Castronovo, the drummer from Journey and he sounds just like Steve Perry, Jason Sheff from the band Chicago, guitar player Chris Rodriguez and singer Tom Yankton who has the same manager as Garth. They’ll have an album out next year. Jay sings lead on the opening verse and he sounds a lot like his cousin and Rascal Flatts band member Gary LeVox.

Finally – tonight Lady A have a free concert on all of Camping World’s socials then Kane Brown’s on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

Monday, October 26, 2020

Jason Aldean gets mask shamed & Keith Urban feels like a caged animal

Jason Aldean and his family were at Disney World in Orlando, FL this weekend. They took off their masks for a photo and someone wrote, “Everyone is required to wear them at Disney. Who do you think you are? I’ll never buy your music ever!!!" Jason responded, “chill out lady. We took them off for 5 seconds to take the pic. Disney didn't give us a 'free pass' not to wear them. Stop over analyzing."

Keith Urban’s spending his 53rd birthday today in Australia’s Byron Bay. Keith says the pandemic’s made him feel like a caged animal and 2020’s taught him we need to move to a four-day work week with a three-day weekend.

Jon Pardi and his fiancé will be married next month in a big barn near Nashville in Franklin.

Garth’s album preview’s tonight during his Studio G Facebook Live series. Trisha’s on the show as well.

Finally - Kelsea Ballerini performs on CBS’s Essential Heroes: A Latino Event tonight.

Friday, October 23, 2020

Miranda Lambert lost one of her best friends & Luke Combs performs on all his socials tonight

Lindsay Ell’s confirmed she's dating 35-year-old L.A.-based poet Adam Roa. They’ve been spending time together the last several months between Los Angeles and Nashville.

Dierks Bentley and family moved to Colorado when the pandemic started. They’ve been living in a small mountain town since March. He’s been writing, skateboarding and helping his daughter’s with their community radio show. This whole time Dierks has also been paying his band and crew their full salaries.

Yesterday Miranda Lambert lost one of her best friends, her dog Waylon. She found he and his sister on an Oklahoma road 12-years-ago. They were starving, frozen and nearly dead. The vet told her Waylon probably wouldn’t make it but he lived till almost 13 yesterday.

Luke Combs deluxe album, ‘What You See Ain't Always What You Get’ is out today with 5 new tunes. He and his band will perform and take requests tonight at 6 CT on all his socials.

Finally - Dolly previews her upcoming book, ‘Songteller: My Life in Lyrics’ on Talk Shop Live at 5 CT. Maddie & Tae's EP, ‘We Need Christmas’ is out today. Saturday night’s Opry performers include Lauren Alaina and Little Big Town.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Garth hurts multiple fingers & Carrie Underwood wins big at the CMT Music Awards

Carrie Underwood’s ‘Drinking Alone,’ won Female Video and Video of the Year at the CMT Music Awards; her 21st and 22nd. Male Video was Luke Bryan’s “One Margarita.’ Duo went to Dan and Shay, “I Should Probably Go To Bed’ and the Group winner was Old Dominion’s ‘One Man Band. Collaborative Video went to Blake Shelton with Gwen Stefani’s ‘Nobody But You.’ They filmed the show on the outdoor stage at Nashville’s Cumberland Park.

Jon Pardi has a stink bug problem. They eat agricultural crops and no pesticides work so he sucks them up with a shop vac. Jon said they smell like really strong cilantro. Before he got new windows he counted over 500 stink bugs in one room.

Miranda Lambert’s video for ‘Settling Down’ yesterday highlighted her shirtless husband and the magnificent Gypsy Vanner horse I think Blake gave her before their divorce.

Jason Aldean hates wearing a mask but says the cool part is you blend in with everybody.

Finally - Garth hurt multiple fingers on his left hand working on the farm this week.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020

The CMT Music Awards are tonight & Miranda and her husband star in her new video

The CMT Music Awards are tonight hosted by Kane Brown (he's 27 today), Ashley McBride and actress Sarah Hyland. It also airs on MTV and TV Land. Performers include Dan + Shay, Little Big Town, Luke Bryan and Maren Morris. There will be several collaborations tonight including Luke Combs with Brooks & Dunn.

Jon Pardi says fall and winter means a pot pie for him. He doesn’t care if it’s homemade or from Kroger because Jon says he loves them all.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani just celebrated Thanksgiving a month early at his Oklahoma ranch. They did that because of The Voice. Some family members were also at there and I hear Gwen made her first ever holiday pumpkin pie.

Finally – Miranda Lambert and her husband star in her new video; ‘Settling Down’ premiering at 5 CT today then at 6, Garth will preview his new albums out next month at

Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Brett Eldredge finds a “lucky” penny & RaeLynn calls Kane Brown fat

Brett Eldredge went for a run yesterday and was feeling down when he saw a “lucky” penny on the road. It made him think of the wonderful things in his life and the bad thoughts started to fade away. Brett wrote, “let’s make this time count and drop a few pennies along the way for someone who really needs it.”

When RaeLynn called Kane Brown fat recently, he took it to heart. He’s now working out daily and watching his calories and wants to be the most shredded guy in country music. Tim McGraw said, “I’ll let ya catch up and then I’ll turn up the gas!”

Garth Brooks has two new albums out November 20. ‘FUN’ and ‘Triple Live Deluxe’ with 30 tracks and over three CDs. There will also be six different album covers and each will include a booklet with photos from the road.

Finally - Zac Brown Band has a free concert tonight on Camping World’s socials. Dolly’s on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert and Jon Pardi’s Pardi Time airs on CMT’s socials.

Monday, October 19, 2020

The Voice returns tonight & carrie underwood hires her husband

This weekend Carrie Underwood introduced us to her newest Fit52 trainer; her X-NHL playing husband Mike. His health tips include daily Vitamin D and occasionally eating ice cream.

Jason Aldean says he’s been pulled over for speeding before and he often doesn’t get a ticket because of who he is. When they find out who they’ve stopped, the cops will say, “love your stuff. Slow down. Have a good day.”

Matt Stell’s quarantine’s included trying to get a 1978 Honda motorcycle running again. He also plans to rebuild a 1970s Ford truck and he’s restoring his grandma’s 90s GMC truck. His dad taught him how to do that and Matt said spending time with him was the best part.

Finally - The Voice returns tonight with Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, John Legend and Kelly Clarkson. They’ll film with strict protocols and the blind auditions will have a virtual audience watching from home. At some point Kane Brown will be on as Team Blake’s mentor.

Friday, October 16, 2020

garth's fee to play at your house & Jon Pardi’s napping tips

If you want to hire a country star for your next party, $75 to $150,000 will get you Dan + Shay or Old Dominion. Little Big Town and Jake Owen go for upwards of $300,000. For between $500 thousand and a million you’ll get Kenny Chesney, Luke Bryan and Miranda but if you want Garth or George Strait, they start at one million!

Jon Pardi’s a napper and he says the key parts to napping are: close the curtains, have the AC at the coolest setting and turn the overhead fan on high.

Kenny Chesney says when he invited Eddie Van Halen to perform at one of his concerts, it was every kids dream come true. Kenny said all the guys that worked for him that night were onstage losing their minds.

Finally - Lauren Alaina performs her new song ‘Run’ on The Talk on CBS today. Newcomer Parker McCollum’s EP, ‘Hollywood Gold,’ is out so is Matt Stell’s EP, ‘Better Than That.’

Thursday, October 15, 2020

reba comes back to TV & Lauren Alaina's had an awkward week

Lauren Alaina bumped into two exes in her neighborhood this week. She said she had a chat with one and awkwardly waved at the other as she was driving. You can see Lauren perform her new song ‘Run’ on The Talk tomorrow.

Since they’re done having kids, Tyler from Florida Georgia Line just had a vasectomy. He said a bag of frozen peas is helping with that!

Reba will star in and executive produce an hour-long drama for NBC based on the film and novel ‘Fried Green Tomatoes.’ Reba plays Idgie Threadgoode who returns to Whistle Stop after 10 years away where she has to deal with a failing cafe and a life-changing secret.

Yesterday Miranda Lambert wished her husband happy birthday writing, “Brendan you’re a light and I love your obsession with cows. #dreamboat. “

Finally - Luke Combs was named Top Country Artist at last night’s Billboard Music Awards.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Garth is bringing Chris Gaines back & Jason Aldean's back in the studio

Garth Brooks says his 1999 alter-ego Chris Gaines, a fictional rock star with black hair, dark eyeliner and a soul patch may be coming back soon. All Garth will say is “it won't be anything predictable. The greatest hits had to come from somewhere, if that tells you what’s coming.” Tonight Garth will receive the Icon Award at the Billboard Music Awards in Los Angeles. He joins previous honorees that include Cher, Prince, Neil Diamond, Mariah Carey and Stevie Wonder. Luke Combs and Kane Brown will also perform on the show tonight.

Brett Young’s a huge Dodgers fan but he doesn’t like the cardboard cutout people saying, “I know it’s a source of revenue but it creeps me out.” Brett says the NBA creeps him out even more because the “fans” are four times the size of a normal person. He’d rather see an empty stadium any day than cutouts.

Finally - Jason Aldean was back in the studio yesterday working on his 10th album. I also found out his new mansion has a massive fridge just for juice, pop, Gatorade and water.

Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Sugarland has a free concert tonight & Granger Smith’s brother's on the Bachelorette

Luke Bryan and Brad Paisley are the only country stars taking part in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. They’ll pay tribute to inductees that include The Doobie Brothers and Whitney Houston. The virtual event is November 7 on HBO.

Jason Aldean’s wife Brittany revealed their kids are both IVF babies and because of her long infertility journey, they almost put Memphis and Navy in her at the same time but she was talked out of it. The kids pretty much look identical.

Keith Urban says his marriage is like a garden. He said, “if you don't do the work, the garden starts to grow over then you complain the garden’s not very interesting and you look for another garden. I maintain my garden.”

Sugarland has a free concert tonight at Camping World’s Facebook & YouTube pages.

Finally - Granger Smith’s manager is his brother, Tyler and he’s one of 31 bachelors on season 16 of The Bachelorette that kicks off tonight on ABC.

Monday, October 12, 2020

Dierks Bentley's wife makes him bleed & the Luke Bryan Air Freshener is back

This weekend Dierks Bentley found a new form of couple’s therapy.... paint ball. His wife Cassidy nailed him in the side causing what looked like a painful bloody wound. Dierks tweeted, “lot of built up anger and resentment released from about a foot away.” He said he thought it would be a friendly game of paintball at the 7th birthday party for his son Knox.

You can pre-order the Luke Bryan 2020 Air Freshener as it’s back by popular demand. When it first went on sale, it sold out in minutes. Preorder it now at It has a new look and scent; coconut and it’ll be shipped in early November. It’s a standing Luke, holding a guitar with a big smile on his face. It’s a great stocking-stuffer too at just $7.

Finally - Lady A and 90s group Shenandoah are on The Kelly Clarkson Show today debuting their new duet. Written by Lady A, it’s on Shenandoah’s duets project, ‘Every Road’ out November 13. It also includes Luke Bryan, Carly Pearce, Blake Shelton, Zac Brown Band, Dierks Bentley and Brad Paisley.

Friday, October 9, 2020

Chris Young gets hurt & Morgan Wallen gets some support

Chris Young said the funniest thing to happen to him all year is making the news for tripping and falling when he was running yesterday. Chris got a huge scrape on his arm and he also hurt his ribs and tweeted, “they need to fix the sidewalks.”

In response to Morgan Wallen being kicked off Saturday Night Live, Miranda Lambert tweeted, "you’re a sweetheart. We got you.” Jake Owen wrote, "don’t beat yourself up pal" and Kimberly from Little Big Town added, "you are precious!!! Your humility is astounding.”

Keith Urban's wife is good at knowing when he needs to take a break from his all-girl household. Nicole says she’ll sometimes find him in his closet playing guitar and that’s when she knows they need to give him some space.

Ingrid Andress is live from the Grammy Museum in Nashville tonight. Tickets are $4.99 and all proceeds go to charity.

Finally - Tyler Hubbard, his wife and their 3rd child, Atlas are in PEOPLE magazine out today.

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Morgan Wallen dumped by Saturday Night Live & Keith Urban spotted on a private jet

After a wild weekend partying in Alabama, Morgan Wallen will not make his Saturday Night Live debut this weekend. He isn’t positive for COVID but was removed due to their COVID protocols. Morgan said he has some growing up to do and he’s stepping back from the spotlight for a while to work on himself.

As for mistakes Jason Aldean’s made he says, “I don’t overthink things. I make mistakes. I don’t dwell on them but I also don’t do them again.”

Carly Pearce is now divorced from husband Michael Ray. She says the details will stay between the two of them and it’s taught her she’s way stronger than she thought she was. Carly’s a former AirBnB house cleaner and says, “anybody who's out there cleaning toilets with a dream, you can do it too.”

Finally - Keith Urban and his daughters flew into Sydney, Australia yesterday. They were spotted in a private jet after visiting Nicole in Byron Bay, where she’s filming her TV series, Nine Perfect Strangers.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Kenny Chesney on the passing of Eddie Van Halen & Carrie Underwood says, “wish me luck!”

Yesterday Kenny Chesney tweeted, “I’m devastated by the passing of my friend Eddie Van Halen." Kenny called him the best guitar player that ever lived. Eddie’s passing hit Keith Urban hard who said, “he seemed to have arrived from a distant planet and brought a completely new color to the rainbow” and Brad Paisley added, “I studied him. We all wanted to play just like him but no one did it quite like he did.”

For Halloween, Carrie Underwood’s 5-yr-old Isaiah wants to be Ooogie Boogie from The Nightmare Before Christmas. She’ll probably have to make his costume tho and says, “wish me luck!”

During Covid, Miranda Lambert and her husband have spent half the time at their New York City apartment. Miranda says all the sirens there make her anxious and stressed.

Finally - growing up, Karen from Little Big Town once had to get stitches after a vicious game of Powderpuff Football.

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Morgan Wallen's out and about & Jon Pardi’s digital-variety series debuts tonight

Morgan Wallen did not social distance or wear a mask last Saturday after the Alabama football game. He was drinking, playing guitar and kissing girls in a Tuscaloosa bar. Morgan was also seen in the backseat of a fan’s car on his way to a house party.

Jon Pardi’s digital-variety series debuts tonight. The 7 remaining episodes air the next several Tuesday’s on CMT's Facebook and YouTube pages. Kimberly from Little Big Town talks about her children’s book; ‘A Dolly for Christmas’ at 1 PM CT at

Brad Paisley’s on the Ellen Show and Sara Evans is on Hallmark’s Home and Family. Her Hallmark movie, A Nashville Christmas Carol airs Nov. 21 with Wynonna, RaeLynn, Kix Brooks & Kimberly Williams-Paisley.

The CMA Award hosts have been revealed. Reba and Darius Rucker. I also hear Reba’s been dating actor Rex Linn but says they haven’t seen each other much due to Covid.

Finally - Kane Brown will be Team Blake’s battle round mentor on The Voice this season.

Monday, October 5, 2020

is Kane Brown on The Voice & Carrie Underwood smacked by Loretta Lynn

This weekend Blake Shelton gave hints as to who his Battle Advisor will be on The Voice this season. Blake had him sing a snippet of a song and it sure sounded like Kane Brown. Blake says today he’ll confirm who it is. The Voice returns October 19.

Carrie Underwood had an interesting story about one of her strangest backstage Opry experiences. She said, “I was talking to Vince Gill when somebody walked by and smacked my rear end.” Carrie turned around. It was Loretta Lynn and they’d never even met before.

Tim McGraw made dinner last night. It was the dish he impressed Faith Hill with the first time he ever cooked for her; Chicken and Dumplings. Tim also made jalapeño cornbread in his cast iron skillet. They ate while binge-watching Yellowstone.

Morgan Wallen makes his Saturday Night Live debut October 10.

Finally - Michael Ray’s on WSM's 95th anniversary today at 5 CT at

Friday, October 2, 2020

Jon Pardi and Brantley Gilbert have deluxe albums out & Dierks Bentley plays the Opry

A few days ago Carrie Underwood posted a selfie to promote her CALIA workout clothes. Several people had issue with that writing, “your items are cute but not affordable” and another added, “remember we aren’t all a size 8. Please think of the bigger girls.”

20-years-ago, Tim McGraw and family were looking for an LA rental when they visited Frank Sinatra’s old house stocked with his furniture. Their 4-year-old Gracie sat on the piano bench, at the very end tho, like she was sharing it. Then she saw a photo of Frank & said, ‘dad, that’s the guy who was at the piano with me.’ Gracie then showed Tim the secret door to the kitchen that she saw Frank go in to.

Jon Pardi’s deluxe ‘Heartache Medication’ is out today so is Brantley Gilbert’s deluxe ‘Fire & Brimstone.’ Dolly’s ‘A Holly Dolly Christmas’ is out with Willie, Billy Ray Cyrus, Michael BublĂ© and Jimmy Fallon. You can also buy ‘Twenty Years of Rascal Flatts – The Greatest Hits.’ And Shania’s 25th Anniversary Diamond Edition of her album, 'The Woman in Me’s' out today.

Finally - Dierks Bentley & Terri Clark perform at the Opry Saturday in front of an audience.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Jon Pardi’s new variety show & keith urban debunks a rumor

Jon Pardi’s starting his own digital variety show on CMT. The 8-episode series debuts October 6 on CMT's Facebook and YouTube pages. His fiancĂ© Summer will also be on several episodes and after they’re married this year she’ll legally be Summer Pardi.

A few months ago rumor had it Keith Urban’s New York City apartment had a sky garage so he could park his car next door to his high rise home. Keith says not true. One place they used to live in had sky garages but no one ever used them. Keith’s always been known as one of the best smelling guys in country & says, “2020’s been a waste of good cologne.”

Tim McGraw’s been growing a pandemic mustache. Tim realized 3-months ago that in order to be able to trim, he needed to wear reading glasses. He says that’s made it so much easier to get it even now.

Finally - Luke Combs has added a trophy to his growing collection. He’s the recipient of the Nashville Songwriter Awards’ Songwriter-Artist of the Year for the second consecutive year.

Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Kenny Chesney’s mourning the loss of a friend & Garth and Trisha are hinting

Garth and Trisha hint they have a Nashville attraction in the works. Earlier this year Garth confirmed it was a downtown restaurant but says they can’t talk about it yet.

Kenny Chesney’s mourning the loss of a friend, country star Mac Davis, who died yesterday at 78. Kenny said Mac turned a creative light on him and made him feel like what he was doing mattered. Kenny called Mac a good guy, a family man and his songwriting hero.

Tyler from Florida Georgia Line has a new son and a new tattoo. Yesterday he showed off a massive lion on his left arm done by Bubba Irwin; the same guy who did Jason Aldean and Kane Brown’s recent tattoos.

Tim McGraw’s on Live with Kelly and Ryan today. I also hear Tim and family have a rule for birthdays and Christmas; no one can spend more than a $100.

Finally - Darius Rucker and his wife Beth split after 20 years of marriage and now we hear he’s dating comedian Kate Quigley.

Tuesday, September 29, 2020

how Blake Shelton got blue purple hair & Chris Young plays for free tonight

During quarantine Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani ordered Just For Men to cover his grey hair. It turned blue purple instead but he figured, who care’s, no ones gonna see me. Right now Blake’s concentrating on trying to lose his Covid weight.

Thomas Rhett’s nearly 5-million dollar barn home in Nashville’s on 126-acres with a skeet shooting area, lake and 4 miles of horse and ATV trails. The living room has a suspended, swinging sofa and the master includes a private outdoor shower. The cozy lake guest cottage has a fireplace, breakfast area and floor-to-ceiling windows.

Kimberly from Little Big Town’s written a children's book; A Dolly for Christmas: The True Story of a Family's Christmas Miracle. It’s about the adoption of her youngest daughter Dolly, named after the country star. The book’s $20 and out October 6. That day Kimberly will also answer our questions live.

Finally - Chris Young plays for free on all of Camping World’s socials tonight at 7 CT.

Monday, September 28, 2020

Tyler Hubbard's a new dad & Alan Jackson’s selling his castle-like home

CCMA’s last night…Entertainer Of The Year was Dallas Smith. Brett Kissel won 3 - Fans’ Choice, Male Artist & Album for ‘Now Or Never.’ Female Artist Tenille Townes. Group Or Duo The Washboard Union & Single went to James Barker Band’s ‘Keep It Simple.’

Tyler Hubbard's wife had their third child Thursday. A second son, Atlas Roy. Atlas stands for strength and it represents their passion for experiencing different cultures. Roy was Tyler’s dad, who died when he was 20.

Alan Jackson’s selling his castle-like home in Franklin, TN for $23 million. It’s 22,000 sq ft with 5-bedrooms and 12-bathroooms. It’s on 120 acres with a gated entrance that’s manned 24/7. In 2017 Alan sold his nearly 7,000 sq ft Georgia mansion for over $6-million.

This weekend Trisha Yearwood tweeted, “I literally sat in the swimming pool all day, then Garth made dinner.”

Carrie Underwood has a new contest at Share how you or someone in your life has given back in a time of need and you could win a prize package that includes an artificial Christmas tree.

Finally - Karen from Little Big Town’s 51 today and Blake Shelton’s on the Ellen Show.

Friday, September 25, 2020

Brett Eldredge is live today & carrie underwood's christmas album is here

Carrie Underwood’s Christmas album, ‘My Gift’ is out today with John Legend and her son Isaiah. Terri Clark’s ‘It’s Christmas…Cheers!’ is out with Dierks Bentley, Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs, The Oak Ridge Boys and Pam Tillis. Also out, Justin Moore’s ‘Live at the Ryman’ with Chris Janson, David Lee Murphy and Ricky Skaggs.

Maren Morris says the best thing about watching football is the food! One of her favorites is Flamin’ Hot Cheetos mac-n-cheese. Maren says, “so many of the world's problems could be solved if we just sat down and had queso together!"

The cast of ‘Father of the Bride’ is reuniting after 25-years. It includes Brad Paisley’s wife Kimberly who played the bride and the movie’s when Brad saw her for the first time and said he’d marry her one day. It’ll be on Netflix’s YouTube and Facebook page at 5 CT today.

Finally - Brett Eldredge is live on Grimey's New & Preloved Music Facebook page at 5 CT. Saturday, Willie Nelson will get an award for his work to end the slaughter of America’s horses. It’s on the Equine Advocates YouTube and Facebook page at 5 PM CT.

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Dolly comes clean on her tattoos & Tim McGraw's breakfast is Muscle Milk

Dolly’s fans have always wondered if she had tattoos but she’s never answered that till now. She does and most are to cover scars. They include ribbons, butterflies and bows. She also had a beehive with a tiny bee on top tattooed over her feeding tube scar. I didn’t know Dolly was so sick years ago she needed a feeding tube.

Jason Aldean says he’s financially taken care of his parents over the years because he wouldn’t be here without them. They even supported his decision to miss college and pursue music.

Tim McGraw reveals his favorite album of all time; ‘The Eagle’s Greatest Hits.’ Tim would rather skydive then get on a rodeo bull and his usual breakfast is Muscle Milk. It’s a milk that has a crazy high amount of protein in it.

Finally - Kane Brown’s hoping to have a son one day. His daughter Kingsley Rose is 10 months now and he always wanted a boy and a girl. He grew up without a dad so Kane’s vowed he’ll be the best!

Wednesday, September 23, 2020

Blake Shelton's working on a scripted drama & Keith Urban performs Late Night

Blake Shelton and NBC are creating a scripted drama based on his song, ‘God's Country.’ He’s also teaming with The Fast and the Furious writer Gary Scott Thompson. It’s about a farm family in the Midwest and when their patriarch dies, they discover a devastating secret.

Lauren Alaina’s spent quarantine getting her new Nashville home decorated. It includes a huge painting of Dolly, a dressing room to house her shoe obsession and a rug made from her stepfather’s favorite cow after she died.

Eleven country records made Rolling Stone's 500 Greatest Albums of All Time list. They include Eric Church – Chief, Miranda Lambert - The Weight of These Wings, Dolly’s - Coat of Many Colors, Loretta Lynn’s - Coal Miner's Daughter and Shania’s Come On Over. 
# 164 - Johnny Cash - At Folsom Prison
224 - The Chicks - Fly
229 - Patsy Cline - The Ultimate Collection
237 - Willie Nelson - Red Headed Stranger
257 - Dolly Parton - Coat of Many Colors
270 - Kacey Musgraves - Golden Hour
284 - Merle Haggard - Down Every Road 1962-1994
300 - Shania Twain - Come On Over
419 - Eric Church - Chief
440 - Loretta Lynn - Coal Miner's Daughter
480 - Miranda Lambert - The Weight of These Wings

Finally – Tim McGraw’s on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Keith Urban performs on Late Night with Seth Meyers and Brad Paisley’s on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live.

Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Blake Shelton's peach jam & Keith Urban’s added a new family member

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have kept busy during quarantine in Oklahoma making jam. Blake has eight peach trees and normally just eats them but this year there were so many and they had nothing else to do, so they got online and learned to make jam. Blake says, “we made cases of peach jam but probably will never do that again." They also learned how to make sourdough bread, built a garden and planted thousands of zinnia flowers.

COVID-19 made Jon Pardi and his fiancĂ©e postpone their wedding two times so far. It will now be in Nashville with pizza instead of a wedding cake but they haven’t told us their new date yet.

Luke Bryan says one important thing he’s learned during this pandemic is that he’s gonna be really good at retirement someday.

Finally - Keith Urban’s added a new family member, a black and white recue cat, Louis.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Blake Shelton hosts foster kids & Faith Hill turns 53 today

This weekend Blake Shelton hosted some Oklahoma foster kids on his Tishomingo ranch for a fishing trip. They learned about how to clean and fillet their catch and had a fish fry for lunch. Blake’s on the board of directors for The Oklahoma Wildlife Conservation Foundation.

The first 2-months of the pandemic, Keith Urban did nothing. He was uninspired and frustrated then called a close friend. After Keith got done listing his complaints, the friend said, “is there anything you can do then?” Keith said that’s what made him stop feeling sorry for himself and get back to music.

When Carrie Underwood was on American Idol she said they were very well-fed. Tables were piled with bear claws and doughnuts in the morning, vats of pasta and fried rice for lunch then pizza, tacos and platters of cookies for dinner.

Finally – Faith Hill turns 53 today. Tim McGraw tweeted, “she’s the best person I've ever known. She lights up every room she walks in. She's every rose I see.....”

Friday, September 18, 2020

Carrie Underwood's sorry & Keith Urban plays live tonight for free

Carrie Underwood told reporters after the ACM’s she was sorry she didn’t thank her husband or sons after winning Entertainer of the Year. Carrie said, “you’d think after this many years and seeing other people give speeches, I would think of people who are important to me!"

Keith Urban’s album, ‘The Speed of Now Part 1,’ is out today. Guests include P!nk, guitar legend Nile Rodgers and new artist Breland. Keith will sing live tonight on all of Amazon Music’s socials at 8 CT then he’ll be on The Tonight Show.

Miranda Lambert says music brought joy to her in quarantine but she didn't start writing for a long time. The other day Miranda wrote a song and sent it to her mom. It had some rage in it so her mom immediately called to ask if everything was OK.

Finally - Dolly Parton’s auctioning off her 30-year-old crystal-studded Appalachian gold dulcimer. It’s worth up to $100,000. The money will go to the ACM’s COVID Response Fund.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Last night there was a first in ACM history & Tyler from FGL was at the hospital

Last night there was a first in ACM history; a tie for Entertainer of the Year between Thomas Rhett and Carrie Underwood. Female Artist was Maren Morris. Luke Combs won Male Artist and Album for What You See Is What You Get. Single went to Blake Shelton for God’s Country. Group of the Year Old Dominion, who also won Song for One Man Band. Duo was Dan + Shay.

Best Dressed: pretty much everything Carrie Underwood had one. Some of her dresses looked vintage too. Oddest Red Carpet ensemble was Hilary from Lady A in a frilly floral skirt with a vintage NSYNC t-shirt.

Following the ACM’s, Old Dominion are leaving Nashville to camp out in an unnamed city for a couple weeks to record new music.

Finally - Tyler from Florida Georgia Line was at the hospital yesterday. Not for his wife’s due date, their 2-year-old Liv busted her chin open on the coffee table. After she was stitched up she asked her dad if she was brave.

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Lady A gets countersued & Tonight’s ACM awards are on CBS

Seattle singer Anita White or Lady A, has countersued the band Lady A. She’s seeking unspecified damages and music royalties in a trademark infringement and unfair competition lawsuit. Two months ago the band sued her so they could continue using the name Lady A.

Tonight’s ACM awards are on CBS. The pre-show’s at 6 CT on People TV’s YouTube channel. Keith Urban will host and debut his duet with P!nk. The three venues tonight are The Ryman, Opry and Bluebird CafĂ©. Performers include Dan + Shay, Miranda Lambert, Tim McGraw, Maren Morris, Jon Pardi and Morgan Wallen. Blake Shelton will duet with Gwen Stefani and Trisha Yearwood will have a song tribute to those we lost in country this year.

If Carrie Underwood wins Entertainer, she’ll be the only woman with three. Fans used to be able to vote for Entertainer too then in 2016 the academy went back to deciding the winner themselves and they’ve picked all men ever since.

Finally - presenters tonight include Lauren Alaina, Clint Black & his wife and Darius Rucker.

Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Alabama has a free show tonight & Garth also goes live

Early ACM winners were awarded yesterday. Thomas Rhett got Video of the Year for "Remember You Young’ and Music Event was ‘Fooled Around And Fell In Love’ with Miranda Lambert, Maren Morris, Ashley McBryde, Tenille Townes, Caylee Hammack and Elle King. The show kicks off tomorrow with the Entertainer of the Year nominees; Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Eric Church, Luke Combs and Thomas Rhett all performing a medley of their greatest hits.

Chris Janson says we’re coming into his favorite time of the year, Pumpkin Spice Latte season. He especially likes them at Starbucks and even if they’re sold out, Chris will beg them to make him one. The best place to get a Pumpkin Spice Latte Chris says, is New York City; one of his favorite places to go in the fall.

Garth is having a special LIVE event with Best Buy tonight at 6 CT at

Finally - Alabama has a free show tonight on Camping World’s Facebook, YouTube and Twitter pages. It starts at 8 CT and it’ll be Alabama's only concert in 2020.

Monday, September 14, 2020

Thomas Rhett may move to Montana & Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles is a judge

Thomas Rhett and family have been vacationing recently in Montana. They had so much fun Thomas said they might just move there.

On Wednesday’s ACM awards Keith Urban will debut his new duet with P!nk and Taylor Swift will make her first appearance in seven years.

Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles will be a judge on a new competition show, The Go-Big Show. Other judges include Snoop Dogg and pro wrestler Cody Rhodes. It’s a talent show with acts like an alligator trainer and a monster truck driver all trying to win $100,000.

Russell Dickerson’s first child was born Thursday; Remington Edward. He weighed 10 lbs., 4 ounces and measured almost 3-inches longer that the average newborn.

Kane Brown’s 65-year-old grandfather died Friday. They were very close and share the middle name Allen.

Finally - Kelsea Ballerini’s on The Late Late Show with James Corden tonight.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Miranda Lambert’s new charity & Carrie Underwood’s Sunday Night Football open debuts this weekend

Miranda Lambert’s established a fund to help those in the music industry cover their pets’ medical bills during Covid. Her backup singer’s dog got sick and that became an unexpected major expense. Miranda said, “I knew I had to do something.”

At 2:30 this morning, Kane Brown’s daughter Kingsley was wide awake so he took her for a car ride, laid next to her, changed her diaper and gave her a bottle but nothing made her go back to bed.

Blake and Gwen perform at a virtual fundraiser for the Regional Food Bank of Oklahoma. It’ll celebrate their 40th anniversary October 1 and it’s open to the public but you have to buy a ticket.

Finally – Kelsea Ballerini’s album, ‘ballerini’ is out today so is ACM New Male Artist Riley Green’s EP. Riley, Tenille Townes and Ashley McBryde will play the Opry Saturday then Carrie Underwood’s Sunday Night Football open debuts this weekend.

Thursday, September 10, 2020

Jason Aldean’s on a beach that barks & Dierks Bentley debuts his mullet tonight

I found out Jason Aldean’s new beach mansion’s on Santa Rosa Island in Florida, right on the Gulf of Mexico. The home’s 4,452-sq-ft and listed at $5 million but it was for sale over a year so Jason got a deal; $4.1 million. The property includes a private beach with sugar white sand that also makes a barking sound as you walk in the softer areas. It’s on a very private street but Jason’s next door neighbors are really close.

Dierks Bentley will debut his mullet tonight at a virtual music festival at 7 CT. We can watch on the Tito’s Vodka YouTube channel. It’s an acoustic concert out doors at his home in Colorado. Also on the show; Morgan Wallen.

One thing Brantley Gilbert will never wear are shorts because he has chicken legs. He might be getting tattoos on his legs tho and if he does, Brantley says he’d consider shorts.

Finally - Kane Brown says his trainer Kate now has him doing yoga and Kane says it’s been harder to do than he thought.